Eyes on You Award - Fall 2009

Fall 2009 Winners

colson09.jpgMarcia Colson was nominated by Mona Rabon, who spoke eloquently about her efforts to help displaced workers learn to navigate the system. Marcia’s proactive approach helped streamline a very complicated process and made it easier for those in need to access the appropriate services. Her dedication and dynamic personality have helped forge new and stronger relationships with our community partners. Ultimately, this will help enrich the lives of many of our current and future students.


Andrea June was nominated by Patricia Brown, who andreajune09.jpgdescribed her as thorough, detail-oriented, dependable, dedicated, and a team player. Andrea is particularly admired for her proactive approach to her job, anticipating issues before they become problems. She regularly steps outside the parameters of her job description to make sure that the job gets done. Her co-workers see her as the unofficial “coach” of the department, always willing to share what she has learned with others.


Linda Jones was nominated by Shera Dieth who said that she was a major influence in Shera’s lindajones.jpgdecision to attend CPCC as a student and to join the College as an employee. Linda has a reputation as a person with a warm smile, a listening ear, and great compassion for those in need. No one interacts with her without walking away feeling uplifted by her caring manner and kind words. Linda’s tireless efforts to support our students are valued across the entire College community.


John Holmes was nominated by Marcia Copeland, who said that he truly has a gift for teaching. She described at length his expertise in the classroom but also mentioned his efforts beyond CPCC, specifically,johnholmes09.jpg his outreach to area high schools and to professional associations. He is seen by colleagues and students alike as someone who is approachable, funny, enthusiastic, and dedicated. His efforts at CPCC are highly appreciated and valued.


Michael Hughes was nominated by Tiffany Boger, who praised his work at the College and the integrity with which he handles his responsibilities. His contributions to the Minority Male Mentoring Program reflect his belief in our students and his thoughtful and supportive attitude. Tiffany described him as a great communicator and an effective leader and appreciates his efforts to make CPCC a more student-friendly learning environment.


Fall 2009 Nominees

Nancy Knight was nominated by Lisa Ware. According to Lisa, Nancy has the remarkable ability to remain calm in high-stress circumstances while coming to a collaborative conclusion. She was also described as a “fountain of knowledge” who willingly shares that knowledge with colleagues. On a personal level, Lisa appreciates her support and considers her a mentor and role model.

Perry Courter was nominated by Jean Hardy, who shared with the committee his dedication to his work and his passion for helping students succeed. She described him as the quintessential multi-tasker; handling teaching, going to school, and supporting his family with apparent ease. His energetic nature and love of teaching is much admired among his co-workers. He is considered a life-long learner who continually strives to grow both professionally and personally.

Rachel Jackson was nominated by Debbie McCaskill. Debbie described her as intelligent, resourceful, efficient, self-directed, and self-motivated. She praised her willingness to assist others and her interest in achieving the goals of the team without a focus on personal recognition. Her enthusiasm for her job is contagious and makes understanding the budget less intimidating to others.

Richard Griffin was nominated by Kathy Fine, who described him as cheerful, positive, helpful, and responsive. He is seen as someone who serves the customer, taking time to help whenever it is needed. His pleasant demeanor makes it enjoyable for people to do business with him.

Teeku Patel was nominated by Fedora Cooman, who described him as knowledgeable, helpful, patient, and approachable. He is seen as someone who is kind and loyal—someone who goes the extra mile to assist others. Fedora commented on his responsiveness, saying that he is quick to help no matter how busy he might be with projects of his own. He obviously understands the value of service to his colleagues as integral to the Learning College.

Vicky Semple was nominated by Karen Rondeau, who said that she was most impressed by Vicky’s love of teaching and her kindness to students. Vicky’s positive attitude encourages her students to do their best. Vicky requires her students to demonstrate the same skills that will be required of them in the workplace which increases their likelihood of succeeding once they find a job. Vicky remains current in the field and then shares what she has learned with colleagues and students.

Amy Bruining was nominated by Rodney Jackson, who praised her willingness to “train” him and his colleagues concerning the requirements of the NCCCS. He appreciates how Amy keeps him “legal” while simultaneously looking for a way to help him meet his goals. Amy consistently offers sound advice as to how to balance the needs of the student, the program, and the College. She manages all this while maintaining a pleasant and supportive attitude. She is much appreciated and admired by her colleagues.

Angela Marmolejo was nominated because of her commitment to students in the JumpStart program. The continuum of care model that she developed has made a difference in the lives of many of her students. Not only does she have a big heart, but she also uses her head to streamline processes that make navigating the system easier for her students. By modeling such caring and conscientious behaviors, she raises the standard for everyone with whom she works.

Anne McIntosh was nominated by Clarine Moore, who described her as the consummate team-player, always working to achieve goals that improve learning. Even to the casual observer, it is obvious that students are Anne’s number one priority. She is also generous with her time outside the classroom. Her willingness to get involved in activities at the North Campus and serve on College-wide committees speaks to a high degree of dedication and selflessness. Her efforts are much appreciated by her colleagues.

Barrie Terrell was nominated by Mark Little. In describing Barrie’s qualities, Mark said that she was simultaneously meticulous, personable, tough (but fair), and creative. Her willingness to step in and take on additional responsibilities is much appreciated by her colleagues. Through her organizational skills, she has saved the department time and frustration. She is also viewed as someone who puts customer service above personal convenience.

Christy Long was nominated by Marge Wilson, who described Christy as diligent, professional, and conscientious. Marge appreciates how she “checks up” on those for whom she has responsibility in the Disher Building. She makes everyone feel safer because of the way she goes about her duties. When she announces “Security” as she goes about her rounds, people know that everything is under control.

Deborah Rivers was nominated by Mike Shinn, who described her as patient, innovative, diligent, and generous. He specifically mentioned Deborah’s patience in working with students on writing assignments from all departments of the College. According to Mike, she works constantly to improve her skills and then graciously shares that expertise with others in her department. Deborah’s emphasis on getting students involved in their own learning truly supports the learning college philosophy.

Jim Rovendro was nominated by Regan Hodges. Regan described him as patient, loyal, dependable, and conscientious. She specifically mentioned how Jim has improved the Harris Conference Center by personally taking the initiative to solve facilities issues—sometimes before they are even noticed by those who work there. His willingness to educate the staff about technical problems has helped everyone at the HCC become more self-sufficient. This, in turn, helps the HCC be more successful.


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