Eyes on You Award - Fall 2005

CPCC wants to recognize those College employees who are making special efforts in the Learning College initiative and so the College has created a new award. The purpose of the “Eyes on You” Learning Award is to identify employees who expand and enhance learning and who demonstrate that their efforts make a difference. A unique aspect of this award is the peer recommendation process. Twenty-five college employees are randomly selected each semester to serve on the nominating committee.

Dr. Zeiss announced the five winners of the “Eyes on You” Learning Award. Each winner will receive a framed certificate and a check for $100 from the CPCC Foundation.



Lori McAdams, who works in CCE was nominated by Mary Karriker.  Lori delights in sharing knowledge with her co-workers, and is interested I always improving processes within her department.  She does with work a goal of adding professionalism to her work, but more importantly, she wants to improve the results and increase customer satisfaction.  Mary has recently begun her graduate studies, and is a true lifelong learner.


Rudy Johnson, a faculty member I the math department, was nominated by Janice Ervin.  Rudy’s priorities are student success and learning, and she is noted for her work with My MATHLAB.  This initiative provides students an opportunity to be active participate in their learning outside the classroom.


Al Hunter was nominated by Angela Eddie.   Al works in Basic Skills, and was recognized for the orientation program he developed for GED and Adult High School students and their parents.  Angela was so impressed with Al’s “Wall of Pride” and the impact it has in helping students envision a successful future for themselves at CPCC.


Kay Miller, a faculty member teaching in the area of developmental disabilities, was nominated by Dr. Lyndall Hare.   Kay uses innovative class assignments, a collaborative approach to learning, and technology to enhance the classroom experience for her students.  She also serves as an effective advocate for people with disabilities and for this who work to assist them.


Tom Bass was nominated by Frances Correll because of his openness to new ideas and his interest in helping fellow employees expand their skills.  Tom is also patient and encouraging with students who express an interest in plants and turf techniques.   She also commended Tom for his “whatever it takes” attitude and cooperative nature.