Eyes on You Award

Eyes on You WINNERS for Spring 2015

(L-R: JB Gammon, Luz Munoz, Pat Brown, Frankie Tack, Jeri Guido)



Betty Baker was nominated by Roger Stroope who said, “Betty represents the best of who we are at Levine.  She is a kind and generous person who is always willing to help faculty, staff, and students overcome our challenges.  I have observed her as she races about the campus solving problems all the while quick to smile and wave making us all feel as if we are in good hands with her exceptional support.  When I began at CPCC, I was fairly bewildered and needed her help to sort things on a variety of occasions.  No matter how many questions I had or how often I stopped by her office she always greeted me with a smile and treated me with the utmost respect while also helping me to feel that I was an important and valuable member of our team.  I have seen her offer the same treatment to countless others, and perhaps most especially, to our students.”

Ardette Bennett was nominated by Cassey Wright who said, “Ardette is a superb professional. She’s able to adapt in any environment and she’s always very helpful. Although Ardette is no longer a student counselor, she is still committed to assisting students. Ardette’s continued efforts toward student success are remarkable. She constantly thinks of students first. As committed as Ardette is to students, she is just as committed to helping her co-workers succeed. I have witnessed her taking time out of her busy schedule to meet with colleagues in order to support their professional development here at CPCC on countless occasions. Ardette is truly an individual that makes CPCC such a wonderful place to work.”

Stephanie Boyd was nominated by Patricia Brown who said, “Stephanie always takes pride and patience in dealing with students. She ensures that students are aware of the institutional policies and procedures and provides professional guidance as they begin and journey through CPCC.  On several occasions, she has taken extra measures and time after work to ensure that student needs are met by simply calling or scheduling follow-up sessions. Stephanie Boyd is dedicated to student success and approaches her students with compassion and the strong desire to see them succeed. Stephanie is also a team player who often collaborates with various faculty and staff members on campus. Stephanie Boyd’s dedication and unselfishness for her students is a true testament of her character as a committed employee of CPCC.”

Trish Brotbeck was nominated by Sonya Rudy Johnson who said, “Trish is well known for her great work ethic and also for her signature smile. She is always cheerful, helpful and a pleasure to work with. She is a dedicated employee who helps us in the STEM department to be better instructors, administrators and most of all better people to our students and to the world around us. Just as many of us rely on our GPS to help us navigate from place to place, students can rely on Trish to guide and assist them on their journey to college success.  Students seeking help with finding their instructors or needing assistance in understanding their schedules, are always greeted with a smile. She treats all students with the uttermost care and respect, two key elements to student retention and success. Trish is so much more than an Administrative Assistant.  Her work space is an extension to the classroom. Trish works with the mindset if it is important to faculty and students, then it is important to her. Working with Trish, students are able to observe interpersonal skills that they can use throughout their personal, educational and professional lives.”

Patricia Brown was nominated by Dale Callan who said, “Patricia Brown is recommended for this award for many reasons. First and foremost for me would be her heart for helping people and training police officers to be better professionals on the street and in their communities. Not only is she well-thought-of by our Public Safety staff and others at Merancas Campus, her influence in the community is a credit to CPCC.  She meets with Chiefs of Police, command staff, and training coordinators outside the campus at police departments and meetings. She not only markets her training but provides a class of professionalism At a time when law enforcement in our county is facing many challenging issues with community relations, Pat's leadership provides an important role in mending this communication and trust.”

Gareth Burns was nominated by Zachery Blackburn who said, “Gareth has worked diligently to improve the quality of education in the Graphic Arts Program by expanding his own knowledge in new areas. Recently, Gareth has achieved the highest certification possible for Flexographers. He has earned his green belt in Sig Sigma. He is studying Spanish to better communicate with our English as a second language students. Gareth also serves as mentor to all of the part-time instructors. He meets with them on a regular basis to discuss new trends and review their outlines for the coming week. He serves as an adviser to the students to improve student success through completion of their goals. He makes time outside of office hours to serve nontraditional student as well as industry professionals. Gareth is a great  person to have on your team.”

Crystalle Cutter was nominated by Ben Posey who said, “Crystalle has a constant drive to better her educational area through an infectiously positive attitude.  With a smile on her face, she never ceases to drive others to strive for their best. She encourages others to be better educators and learners alike.  She finds a way to make every endeavor a fun experience no matter how tedious.  She takes both the bad and good of her experiences and generates optimism at every turn.”

Jublia (JB) Gammon was nominated by Pat McDaniel who said, “JB Gammon is extremely student-centered. He advises not only in an academic capacity but also counsels them on the attributes that are needed to be successful in life. JB is committed to the success of each student he meets.  He works diligently to make a difference every day. You can find him talking with students about ethics, dress, goal setting, time management, and reaching their full potential. As Program Chair of Business Administration, his continued focus is on making the program better.  He spends many hours working with part-time faculty members to ensure that they keep abreast of the latest classroom and textbook technology.  He serves on the Institutional Effectiveness Committee and volunteers with Service Learning. Finally, JB is a team player.  He is highly regarded by every one of his colleagues both in the Business and Accounting Department and other areas across the College.  Regardless of how busy JB is, he does not hesitate to volunteer where needed. He is the ultimate role model for faculty, staff, and students.”

Jeri Guido was nominated by Debbie Lord who said, “Like UPS employees “bleed brown”, Jeri Guido “bleeds green”.  Program Chair of the Criminal Justice program at the Merancas Campus, Jeri serves our College in more ways than can be imagined. An advocate for students, Jeri is often caught motivating students and pushing them to their potential. A steadfast and level-headed supporter of faculty, Jeri has served alongside Dean Tamara Williams to ensure faculty receive all that they need to be successful in the classroom and in the community. Jeri creates substantive change in individual learners.  She engages everyone as a full partner in the learning process, whether it's on a committee, with her students, or in collaboration toward meeting College strategic goals. Jeri never gives up and is determined to improve the lives of students, motivate her fellow-faculty and continually inspire all of us lucky enough to work with her.”

Wanda Gray was nominated by Sheena Smallwood who said that Wanda is always supportive when called upon. She goes above and beyond to make sure that the campus and its facilities flow smoothly. She enthusiastically demonstrates her ability to collaborate across units and is a lifelong learner who is willing to share her expertise with students and staff.

Faye Harvin was nominated by Saronda Easter who said, “Faye Harvin is a proactive professional. She is a good listener, open – minded, decisive, and always thinking of ways to make things better for the students. Faye is open to ideas, and sees things from various perspectives because she believes that there are multiple ways of teaching and learning. If I had to guess her philosophy, I’d guess that her philosophy would be that mistakes are learning opportunities for competence building. She communicates effectively with students, presenting facts, sharing ideas, and openly discusses positive classroom behaviors that improve student learning. It is evident that Faye enjoys learning new and innovative things. She strives to meet the needs of others. She is informative and objectively accepts diverse ideas. Faye is a lifelong learner who exemplifies professionalism.”

Luz Muñoz was nominated by Nicole Ashton who said, “Luz is an invaluable asset to our department.  Her kind heart and generous spirit shine through when she helps students and instructors.  She talks to students as though they were long lost friends, getting to know them on a personal basis, all the while helping them get to where they need or want to go with ease.  She helps instructors, even during times of stress, with patience and kindness.  She is willing to go the extra mile to help students or instructors by staying late when needed. She always has a smile on her face, willingness to help, and a great sense of humor which make working with her enjoyable. Luz understands change and willingly works hard to help make life easier for those around her.  She learns as much as she can, proactively or quickly, in order to solve problems. She becomes an expert at her tasks, and will offer new solutions for processes in order to make things run more smoothly. Luz is also the go-to resource for new students who go to the registration desk but do not speak the language very well at Cato Campus.  She does not work for campus ESL, but community ESL.”

Heather Napier was nominated by Geneva Coleman who said, “Heather has an attitude that is rare.  She can always be found with a smile on her face and a can-do spirit.  She will help anyone with anything.  She has a history of volunteering with the set up of various functions and is the resident expert in Photo Shop and any type of graphic design.  Her diligent work ethic is second to none.  She perseveres through any task, no matter what it is or how long it takes to get done.  She does not mind doing tasks that others frown upon.  She has a history of personally serving over 1,000 students per registration cycle without a single complaint.  Students, parents, and colleagues gravitate to her because of her kind disposition. She is a wonderful example of why it is such a pleasure to work at CPCC.  Heather has the ability to calm upset students and parents while remaining professional.  She understands customer service and will do her best to correct any situation.  If she is unable to resolve a situation, Heather will do her research to assist in any way possible.  She has a knack for looking for and finding the best in a person.  Her loyalty to CPCC is unprecedented.  She exemplifies what CPCC stands for and she does it with a smile.”

Brian Sexton was nominated by Gloria Onukwufor who said, “Brian Sexton has worked in the library for 23 years assisting both students and staff. He is dedicated in helping library patrons locate the information that they need. Brian coordinates the inter-library loan. Many students and staff who have used inter-library have commented on Brian's ability to locate books and articles, many which are out of print. There have been several occasions where Brain has contacted the author directly and asked if they had a copy that they were willing to share. He has been successful in getting books or articles throughout the United States as well as from other countries. Brian enjoys a challenge but most of all he enjoys seeing library patrons receive the information they require.”

Heather Sullivan was nominated by Kelly Moore who said, “Heather consistently displays patience and kindness when working with our students.  I often witness her being stopped in the hallway by a student, and despite her busy schedule she takes time to mindfully converse with them.  She not only provides them with information, but empowers the student to take action in the future and fully engage in their college experience. The students often praise her for personalized attention such as, taking the time to answer their questions, which range from academic program requirements to support services, and digging to the root cause of any student concerns.  Students, faculty and colleagues all benefit from Heather’s counseling expertise and high quality, mindful interactions. Her dedication to student success is evident in her daily interactions and is appreciated by students and staff alike.”

Frankie Tack was nominated by Tony Beatty who said, “Frankie is the consummate professional in all aspects.  She believes in and supports our students in every way possible.  I have watched her deal with students who were extremely upset to the point that their behavior might have been deemed by others to be unacceptable.  Frankie stayed calm, modeling what she expected from the students and worked with them to calm them down and ensure that they were able to continue in the program.  Frankie is always willing to go the extra mile and put students first.  Frankie is not only the Program Chair, but an instructor and an advisor for multiple clubs and serves on multiple committees.  She also maintains connections with the community by participating in regular meetings of the clinical supervisors of local providers and serving on the advisory board for the Center for Prevention Services.  Frankie is always looking for ways to incorporate the teaching of evidence-based practices to students.  She has been very supportive and encouraging of instructors to develop new classes for students in the substance abuse counseling program as well as in the human services generalist program.”

Christa Westall was nominated by Pamela Allen who said, “Christa is the light of our office, she always goes above and beyond her jobs duties.  The reception area is a nice,comfortable and welcoming environment due to Christa. When you come into our office you are greeted by a soft water fall display, fresh flowers, the scent of jasmine, and Christa's smiling face. These are things she purchased with her own money to add ambiance. She is constantly researching ideas of better ways to help the students and support our staff. Christa has made it her objective to learn each employees' job duties. She often creates new processes and forms to help make our jobs easier.  In addition, she has become an advocate for the students by providing printed material and Program Adviser contact information. Christa is always learning new things and willing to share her ideas.”

Ken Worthy was nominated by Barbea Tripp who said, “Quite frankly, Ken Worthy is the most outstanding instructor any student would want to have. Even though he has recently retired from 30 years as a police officer with the Charlotte Mecklenburg Police Department, he has spent the last 18 years as a part-time instructor in the Computer Technology Institute.  In that time, he has been able to cultivate relationships with students and provide support at every level. Never hesitating to offer his assistance to anyone in need, he is truly a great mentor and example for our department and for CPCC. His comprehension skills and his passion is conveyed to his students in a clear and logical way.  He is extremely knowledgeable, friendly and genuinely cares whether his students embrace the concept or not.  He supports the Learning College initiative by focusing on the needs of the student and facilitates his teaching on the needs of the student. Overall, Ken is a phenomenal instructor, a lifelong learner, and role model who is all about teaching and encouraging the students. Ken is always willing to go the extra mile to empower students, to assist in meeting the student’s needs and helping them in exceeding their goal.  He effortlessly and consistently exhibits motivation and commitment when interacting with others. He is truly an asset to his students and to CPCC.”


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