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Personal Growth & Responsibility: the ability to understand and manage self, to function effectively in social and professional environments and to make reasoned judgments based on an understanding of the diversity of the world community.

Key Indicators:

  • Functions as an effective citizen in a global society
  • Develops an openness to the arts and creative ways of self-expression
  • Commitments reflect ethical and informed decision-making
  • Respects the environment and acts in ways that contribute to a sustainable future
  • Assumes responsibility for own actions
  • Functions as a life-long learner
  • Monitors mental and physical health and overall well-being
  • Achieves balance among education, work, leisure time, and family or life demands
  • Sets, articulates, and pursues realistic individual goals for education, work, and leisure
  • Respects personal and cultural differences
  • Contributes effectively as a team member
  • Interacts effectively in diverse professional environments

How can we help you gain this competency?

Personal Growth & Responsibility

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Develop an openness to the arts and creative ways of self-expression “CPCC is emerging as a cultural resource in Mecklenburg County and beyond. Each year, the College brings the best in music, theatre and the visual arts to community members, while offering professional development and educational opportunities for individuals pursuing a theatrical career. Discover the arts at CPCC.”

Take one of CPCC’s many classes that will help you develop creative self-expression like creative writing /ENG125, Drawing 1 / ART131, or Acting 1/ DRA130.

Arts at CPCC

CPCC Course Catalog

Learn to respect and appreciate personal and cultural differences. In to today’s global society, diversity in school, the workplace and life, is becoming increasingly more common. CPCC celebrates diversity in our faculty, staff and students; your educational experience here will give you the opportunity to work first hand with people from all walks of life. CPCC also offers course that will further enrich your understanding of our global community such as: Cultural Studies -HUM120, Social Diversity -SOC225, Sociology of Gender- SOC234 or World Religions – REL110. You may also be interested in one of our study abroad programs. CPCC Course Catalog

Study Abroad Programs

Learn to contribute effectively as a team member, build your team working skills. Get involved - join a club, student organization or volunteer at a local association. CPCC has over 40 student organizations and numerous Service-Learning opportunities for you participate in. Teamwork is a skill that is highly desired in almost every field, sharpening skills in this area will assist you both personally and professionally. Student Life at CPCC

Service-Learning at CPCC

Develop skills that will assist you in excelling in your academics. From Steve Covey's 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, the Study Guides and Strategies website makes it easy to create effective habits for studying more effectively. Click here to take the 'checking my study skills' 10-question quiz and discover how you can establish effective habits to aid in your academic success. Study Guides and Strategies

Set, articulate and pursue goals for your education, work and leisure “Live your life on Purpose!” Where will you be 5 years from now? Take the time now to set goals and in 5 Years you could be there! Visit Career Café and take the self-assessments to help you with the decision making process. Career Cafe
Assess and improve your abilities in Time management. Time management: Uses his or her time effectively and efficiently; concentrates his or her efforts on the most important priorities; adeptly handles several tasks at once. This skill is essential in handling the hectic schedules of school, work, and life. Manage Your Time

Time Management

Assess and improve your abilities in Organization, Priority Setting, and Personal learning and Development. “Organizing: Can organize resources (people, funding, material, and support) to get things done; can orchestrate multiple activities at once to accomplish a goal; uses resources effectively and efficiently; arranges information and files in a useful manner.” These skills will be required in order for you to be successful in many careers. Organization
Assess and improve your abilities in Priority Setting. “Priority setting: Spends his or her time and the time of others on what is important; focuses on the critical few and puts the trivial many aside; can quickly sense what will help or hinder accomplishing a goal.” Priority Setting
Assess and improve your abilities in Personal learning and Development. “Personal learning and development: Is personally committed to and actively works to continuously improve him or herself; recognizes the need to change personal, interpersonal, and managerial behavior; actively seeks feedback.” Personal Learning and Development
Learn to interact in a professional environment “Do your future a favor. Seek out and join the professional association in your area of career interest.” This is where you can learn more about careers in your field and get the experience needed to give you the competitive edge. Visit CPCC’s Cooperative Education site to learn more about these opportunities. Co-op
Be a lifelong learner Learning is a lifelong process. In addition to your career course of study, you can pursue your extra curricula interests online. There are numerous web-sites that offer free online courses where you can learn just about anything. No excuse List and Coursera are two excellent examples of these resources. Check them out! No Excuse List


Learn to identify and express competency skills and write competency statements. While you may already possess some aspects of all of the Core4 skills, recognizing them and learning how to communicate your accomplishment in these areas may take a little practice. Use the attached worksheets to help you with this process. How to Assess your Competencies
How to express your Competencies

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