Information Technology and Quantitative Literacy

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Information Technology and Quantitative Literacy the ability to locate, understand, evaluate, and synthesize, information and data in a technological and data driven society.

Key Indicators:

  • Uses technology to access information for professional and personal needs
  • Evaluates the relevance and appropriateness of information sources
  • Applies knowledge of mathematics and technology to judge the accuracy and relevance of information
  • Chooses the most appropriate technology for the job
  • Communicates effectively using technology in a variety of forms and contexts
  • Uses numbers to convey ideas and concepts as appropriate
  • Applies basic mathematical concepts to interpret, manipulate, and critique quantitative data and ideas that arise in personal and professional settings


How can we help you gain this competency?

Information Tech & Quantitative Literacy

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Learn how to use Microsoft Office suite - Word, Excel, Powerpoint, and Access Many businesses rely heavily on Microsoft Office Suite for data development, data tabulation, data storage, office correspondence and more. Competency with these tools is essential for most professional-level jobs. CPCC offers Introduction to Computers CIS110, which will teach you to use Microsoft Office Suite which includes Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Access. For a full description of classes see CPCC Catalog
Learn the basics of online communication; email, messaging, and standard applications in office communication Organizations of every kind depend on computers and the Internet for communication. Get the skills you need to communicate online. These tutorials will teach you the basics. Email and more tutorials Instant Messaging Tutorials Skype Tutorials
Explore software tutorials, free accounts for CPCC Students Being familiar with tutorial sites like can save you endless hours when presented with a new technology or software at your place of education or business. Free student accounts are offered through CPCC.
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Increase your technology skills at your leisure. Take advantage of Microsoft’s student resources which include free software and classes. Microsoft offers free software and courses for students. Classes in computer science, information technology, network administration and website development can teach you in-depth technology skills. Dreamspark

Microsoft Virtual Academy

Have fun while sharpening your quantitative literacy skills. “BrainBashers has thousands of puzzles and brain teasers, and with new material added every single day, including games and optical illusions, you can be sure there is always something to do. With over one hundred awards, BrainBashers is the place to spend a boring Tuesday afternoon training your brain.”

Puzzles to exercise the mind!


The Grey Labyrinth

Get math help if you need it. “Hippo Campus provides homework and study help through high-quality, multimedia content on a variety of general education subjects to high school and college students free of charge.” Hippo Campus online tutoring
More help! Khan Academy offers over 1400 tutoring videos on YouTube covering everything from basic arithmetic and algebra to differential equations, physics, chemistry, biology and finance. Kahn Academy
Learn to Assess and Express your competencies. While you may already possess some aspects of all of the Core4 skills, recognizing them and learning how to communicate your accomplishment in these areas may take a little practice. The University of Victory in British Columbia, Canada, has some great information on this subject! Their Worksheets are a great resource to help with this process. How to Assess your Competencies
How to express your Competencies
Make an ePortfolio In this digital age, ePortfolio’s are quickly becoming a popular way to help establish your online presence. An ePortfolio can present an in- depth view of who you are, your abilities, accomplishment, skills, goal, interests, and values. In addition, ePortfolio’s provide organized space where you can keep track of your academic career and professional life-long learning and development. Weebly Websites
Broaden your technology skills The internet has everything from tutorials to full scale classes covering all aspects of technology. Get the skills you need at your leisure, explore these free online resources. No Excuse List

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