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Communication: the ability to read, write, speak, listen, and use nonverbal skills effectively
with different audiences.

Key Indicators:

  • Uses appropriate methods to communicate (written and oral) based on audience and purpose
  • Evaluates the effectiveness of communication of both self and others
    Utilizes non-verbal communication to effectively augment verbal message
  • Understands and respects multiple perspectives
  • Selects, adapts, and combines communication strategies in relation to disciplinary/professional frameworks and theories

How can we help you gain this competency?


How this will help


Take advantages of CPCC's courses focusing on verbal communication

Public Speaking-COM231,Small Group Communication-COM160, and Persuasive Speaking-COM233, are just some of the classes offered at CPCC to help you improve your communication competency.

CPCC's course catalog

Take advantage of CPCC's courses focusing on written communication:

CPCC also offers numerous classes to help you gain skills in written communication. Applied Communications-ENG101, Expository Writing-ENG111, and Creative Writing-ENG125, are all designed to help you hone in your writing skills. Developmental classes are also offered at CPCC. CPCC's course catalog

Learn to communicate in a group environment. Develop teamwork skills

Possibly the best way to develop teamwork skills is to work in a team. CPCC offers many opportunities for group activities. Get Involved! Join a student organization or participate in a service-learning project.

Student Life website. Service learning projects

Learn another Language

“Today’s economy is increasingly globalized, and this means that many of us are interacting across cultures in a way we never did before. In such an economy, the importance of learning a second language becomes self-evident. “Learning a second language will give your communication skills a competitive edge In addition to offering courses In Spanish, German, French and American Sign Language, online language programs are offered free of charge to CPCC students by Mango, and can be used to learn another language at your leisure. CPCC also offer’s study abroad language immersion opportunities.

Mango .

Study Abroad

Assess your skills and take tutorials in area's where you are lacking

You can take an assessment quiz's for Communication competency online at "Mind Tools". They also have video's, tutorials and articles to help you develop this competency and many others.

Mind Tools


Learn to identify and express competency skills and write competency statements.

While you may already possess some aspects of all of the Core4 skills, recognizing them and learning how to communicate your accomplishment in these areas may take a little practice. The University of Victory in British Columbia, Canada, has some great information on this subject! Their Worksheets are a great resource to help with this process. How to Assess your Competencies
How to express your Competencies
Make an ePortfolio In this digital age, ePortfolio’s are quickly becoming a popular way to help establish your online presence. An ePortfolio can present an in- depth view of who you are, your abilities, accomplishment, skills, goal, interests, and values. In addition, ePortfolio’s provide organized space where you can keep track of your academic career and professional life-long learning and development. There are many free on-line resources to develop your portfolio, one that is rather simple to use is Weebly.

Write a resume

Write a cover letter

Often before you have the opportunity to meet a prospective employer, your communication skills will be critiqued by way of the resume and cover letter you submit with your application. CPCC’s Career Services offers personal or online assistance with resume and cover letter development. You can also take one of CPCC’s courses such as ACA120, which will teach you this process and more! Career Services
Prepare for a Job Interview The next hurdle? The interview. Enhance your interviewing skills and develop an edge over your competition. Interview Assistance and mock interviews, along with tips for best practice, are available Online or In-Person through CPCC’s Career Services. Classes that will take you through this process are also offered at the college try ACA 120 for example. Career Services

ACA (Academic Related Courses)
Learn to Network NETWORKING is the single most powerful marketing tactic to accelerate and sustain success for any individual or organization! “CPCC Students are given free access to, which is an online training library that provides access to thousands of tutorials on technology and business. For instruction on how to build your professional network, take the tutorial entitled “Building your Professional Network”
Find organizations in your desired field to connect with. “80% of jobs are filled by referral – the “who do you know” method of recruitment. But where do you meet people “who Know” about these job opportunities and how do you get them to help you? The answer can be found in Professional Associations.” (Career Café) Cool Connections

Take advantage of the wealth of online information - articles, video’s, and tutorials are plentiful on any subject. Check out some of these resources.

"Read Like a Scholar", "Words To Use And Avoid", "Develop Good Communication Skills", "25 Words to Enhance Your Writing", "How to Improve your Spelling", Sound Professional on the Phone, "Develop Listening Skills", "Communicate with Body Language".

Do a Google search on Communication skills and see what else you find!

For all the latest information on the Core4 competencies visit the Core4 Blog!