Success Through Academic Reporting (STAR)

What is STAR?

Success through Academic Reporting (STAR) is designed to aid in the success of first-year, full-time curriculum students through enhanced student support and strategic communication.  STAR is CPCC's early alert system to notify students' of their progress in their classes. Instructors (DRE and DMA classes not included) will submit progress reports within the first three weeks and again at midterm.

Click here to watch an overview of STAR: Success Through Academic Reporting.

Why is CPCC doing this?

To help students in awareness of their progress and aid students in developing their academic plans.

How does STAR benefit students?

  • Early interventions for first year college students in academic jeopardy,
  • Improvements of communication between students and faculty/staff,
  • Assistance for developing strategies for college completion.

Want to know more?

Visit the STAR program website here or contact Sarah Wilde, STAR Director -