Intentional Course Design

What is Intentional Course Design?

A process for designing courses to increase student access and success, leverage technology, and control costs for students and the institution.

Why is CPCC doing this?

  • Increase access to high-demand courses.
  • Increase student achievement of learning outcomes across all sections of the course.
  • Leverage technology to improve student learning.
  • Enhance student persistence and completion.
  • Enhance the quality and consistency of student learning.
  • Reduce and manage costs to students.

How does ICD benefit students?

  • Ensures consistent expectations for student achievement across all sections of the same course.
  • Increases available seats in high-demand courses by reducing attrition and re-enrollment, and/or increase capacity to serve more students.
  • Ensures alignment of course outcomes and learning activities with program and college outcomes.
  • Reduces cost to the student.

    Want to know more?

    For more information about the ICD Program, please contact Tamara Williams ( or Karen Merriman ( or visit the National Center for Academic Transformation website