NC- CBE Project

What is CBE?

Competency-based education (CBE) is an innovative educational model that uses the application of learning, not time, as the sole means of determining progress to degree completion. Students can accelerate through their programs of study and into the workplace by demonstrating mastery of specific knowledge, and skills, abilities, or attitudes (i.e. competencies).

Why is CPCC doing this?

The North Carolina Competency-Based Education Project (NC-CBE Project) is a collaborative statewide effort to design and build a sustainable and scalable competency-based Associates degree pathway.

How does CBE benefit students?

This high-quality and affordable program model will provide students a flexible way to

  • get credit for what they already know,
  • build on their knowledge and skills at their own pace,
  • earn high-quality, industry-validated degrees and credentials,
  • get a new job or advance along a career pathway, and
  • earn a fair wage to support themselves and their family.

Want to know more?

For More Information about the NC-CBE Project, please contact Michael Horn ( or Sylvia Cini (