Learning College History @ CPCC

Phase 5:  Organizational Advancement • Faculty and staff feel supported and valued
• A collaborative planning process is instituted to solicit input from all involved   and affected
• Services are targeted to address the needs of students
• Graduates demonstrate a set of core competencies that will prepare them for   life beyond CPCC
• Students become increasingly independent learners
• All college employees work collaboratively to ensure effective systems
• Diverse perspectives are welcomed and valued in planning and policies
Phase 4:  Culture of Evidence • Assessment of Learning Outcomes
• Program Level and Core Competencies
• Revised Performance Development Plan
• Efficacy of Development Courses
• Decisions Based on Learning Impact
• Efficacy of Professional Development Offerings
• Prescriptive Growth Plan for Employees Based on 360* Assessments
Phase 3:  Culture of Transformation • Collaborative Planning Process
• Identification of Core Competencies
• Technology Assessment for College Employees
• Revised Faculty PDP Process
• Online Training Options for all Employees
• Succession Planning Pilot: Assessment and Training
• Transfer Resource Center
• Student Success Center
• Office of Communication and Quality Assurance

Phase 2:  Foundation Building • Learning Dialogues
• Learning Outcomes – Training
• Service Learning Institute
• Title III Project
• Learning Fellows
Phase 1:  Awareness and Understanding • Research Best Practices
• Learning College Steering Committee
• Learning College Website
• New Employee Orientation
• Learning College Video