Online Learning Goals

2015 – 2020 Strategic Plan for Online Learning

Vision Statement

Central Piedmont Community College will be a globally-recognized leader in exemplary online learning experiences.


Mission Statement

The mission of Central Piedmont Community College in offering a quality online learning experience is to foster, support, and promote excellence in teaching and learning in all online environments by:

  • promoting student engagement;
  • encouraging innovative teaching and learning practices that meet the needs of a diverse student population;
  • creating an academically rigorous and relevant learning environment;
  • facilitating college-wide commitment that supports access, student development, student success, and academic goal completion.


Guiding Principles

  • Our efforts will align with and support CPCC’s strategic plan and advance our institutional priorities of quality, completion, and student success.
  • The eLearning Department will facilitate efforts of continuous quality improvement in all aspects of online learning in collaboration with academic deans, faculty, professional staff, the Faculty Advisory Group, and the Steering Committee.
  • Current and new online programs or course development must be intentional and follow stated quality standards and new program/course development processes.
  • Strong support from CPCC faculty, administrators, professional staff and academic departments is essential in expanding efforts in online learning.
  • The provision of excellent and relevant services to both faculty and students is at the heart of our efforts to improve.  The eLearning department, academic deans, faculty, professional staff, the Faculty Advisory Group, and the Steering Committee will collaborate closely with Information Technology Services (ITS), professional development, the instructional developers, and student services, who as critical partners, provide relevant services for a quality online learning experience.
  • CPCC is committed to creating a positive environment that expands opportunities and experiences for all members of our community, including persons with a disability.
  • Analyzed data will be used to guide continuous quality improvement.  Assessment of courses, programs, and services will be on-going and systematic.
  • While the ownership of the academic quality of courses and programs resides with the college, faculty, and departments, improved online learning excellence is achieved through collaborative efforts of eLearning, faculty, professional staff, student services, information technology services, and academic administrators.


Competitive Strategies

Students have choices when considering fully online and blended courses and programs.  In the highly competitive environment of online learning, it is critical that the college develop a clear strategy to differentiate our online course offerings from those of competitors.

The competitive strategy included in this strategic plan includes four primary components:

  1. CPCC must offer high-quality academic courses and programs that are perceived by our stakeholders to be superior in value to those available from competitors.

  2. We must be committed to providing comprehensive, high-quality student support services to help distinguish our offerings from the competition.

  3. While many online learning providers proclaim the quality of their programs and services, our approach will be to demonstrate quality through an ongoing process of assessment and evaluation.

  4. Efforts at marketing and promotion must be well-designed, innovative, and focused on developing a brand that is based on the superior quality and value of our courses, programs, and support services.


2015- 2020 Goals and Strategies
A summary of the Online Learning Strategic Goals is provided below

The goals and strategies are designed to support the college’s goal of increasing quality and access to online learning for online learners.

See Full Document for Strategies and Key Performance Indicators


Approved by Cabinet April 18, 2016