Work-based Learning

Co-op Faculty Coordinators

  • Must be teaching faculty or division directors in the program of study/Division in which they are teaching or administering
  • Must meet the credential requirements for that particular program of study/Division
  • Program of Study/Division must offer approved cooperative education programs
  • See Faculty Coordinator Information on the CPCC Co-op website for more information



Co-op faculty coordinators for students in the college transfer program will be assigned to the English Division and must meet the credential requirements for teaching faculty or division director engaged in teaching transfer courses. This will mean that the co-op faculty coordinator assigned to (college transfer) co-op students will be required to have a Master’s Degree. The college and the state views students in the college transfer program as “generic” and their co-op experience is to explore career options while pursuing courses in order to transfer to a four-year institution.

Other Requirements

  • Co-op Faculty Coordinators will be appointed by the appropriate curriculum Division Director
  • The Division Director will renew all appointments each semester
  • The qualifications, duties and responsibilities of a Co-op Faculty Coordinator are outlined in “Faculty Coordinator Job Specifications.”

For additional information, see Cooperative Education at CPCC.


December 2011
(Reviewed November 2016)