Faculty and Staff Upgrade Allotment (formerly Tier A)


Conferences and Seminars

Funds can be provided to support activities and training opportunities for any full-time or part-time College employee, except the president and those senior-level administrators who report directly to the president. Funds can be used to provide College employees training opportunities that relate to teaching subject matter, technical skills upgrades or improved job skills.

To apply for funding, employees should identify the conference or seminar they want to attend and submit a Faculty and staff Upgrade Allotment (formerly Tier-A) application to the Center for Leadership and Staff Development.

See the Professional Development website Faculty/Staff Development Funds for more information.


Return To School

Funds can be awarded to full-time College employees to take college courses and/or follow a planned academic program leading to a certificate or degree. Tuition, books and course-related supplies are legitimate expenses for completing requirements of working toward a degree.

To apply, employees should submit a completed Return to School application to the Center for Leadership and Staff Development.

 See the Professional Development website Return to School for more information.


Updated February 2011