Admissions and Records
Links to the admissions, records, and registrations page


Advising Services
Links to the Integrated Counseling and Advising Network site


Assessment Services
Provides the Assessment Center's information and schedule


Auditing Courses
Provides information on how to audit courses


Career Services/Job Placement
Provides information on work opportunities for students


Counseling Services
Provides information on student counseling and a list of counselors


Course Repeat Policies
Links to a document for the course repeat policies


Course Substitution and Waiver Form Site
Provides guidelines on how to submit a course substitution and waiver form


Financial Aid Office
Leads to information on how to apply for financial aid


Financial Aid Statement
Leads to information on attendance and financial aid


Office for Students with Disabilities
Provides information on how to receive accommodations for students with disabilities


Student Activities
Links to information on Career and College Readiness' Leadership Activities


Student Course Load
Gives requirement for extending the full-time student course load


Student Grievance Procedures
Links to a video on how to submit student grievances


Student Information
Links to CPCC Today, a weekly newsletter for students


Student Life
Links to information about activities and events facilitated by the department of Student Life


Student Opinion Survey
Links to a video on how to submit a student opinion survey