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Academic Calendar
Links to the Academic Calendar


Academic Freedom and Responsibility 4.00 Academic Freedom Policy
Provides the list of Academic Freedoms allowed by the college


Provides Information about CPCC's most recent accreditation


ADA Accommodations
CPCC is required to make an accommodation to an applicant or employee certified to have a known disability affecting a life activity or ability to work. For further information, refer to the policy and guidelines located at: Policy and Procedures

Employment of Individuals Under the Americans With Disabilities Act 6.01.003.


ADA Compliance and Course Syllabus
Gives a description of the role of faculty in the accommodation process


Class Cancellation Policy
Provides steps for cancelling a class


    Class Location Moves
    Provides the procedures for class location moves


    Classroom Observation Guidelines
    Provides description and guidelines for classroom observations


    Copyright Rules and Regulations
    Provides Information instructors need to know about copyright rules and regulations


    Provides information about online courses, and telecommunications


    Emergency Preparedness
    Links to CPCC's Emergency Preparedness information


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