Transfer Agreements Process


Process for the Development of Transfer Agreements

1.    a. CPCC faculty/division director should develop a concept paper that may include a brief discussion of the idea, justification, desired outcomes and demographics; discuss with dean.

    b. Dean will identify project coordinator to oversee the development of the transfer agreement.

    2.   a. Conduct needs assessment and interest survey with the objective being to determine    students’ interests and community demand.

      b. Dean reviews assessment/survey results to determine feasibility and provides further direction.

      3.  Consult with campus units such as Library, ITS, ESS, Counseling/Advising and others who may need to be involved.

          4.  Complete the Transfer Agreement Work Plan.

          5.  Develop the A.D.T., “Agreement Development Team” to clearly outline the one-for-one transfer, involving such groups as counselors and others from the college community.

            6. Review one-for-one course transfers with program faculty at the community college and senior institution.

              7. Negotiate exceptions with the college/university and request endorsements from appropriate division directors and dean(s).

                8. Seek endorsement and approval from the VP Learning/President from both institutions.  Signed copies filed with the Vice President for Learning.

                  9. Implement marketing plan; inform groups such as counselors, academic advisors, recruiters and others to assist with implementation.

                    10. Annual evaluation submitted to the VP Learning discussing the following factors:

                    • evaluation of process between institutions
                    • student enrollment
                    • effectiveness of marketing strategies
                    • transfer of courses
                    • impact on resources such as supplies, travel, acquisition of books
                    • curricula alignments
                    • availability of credentialed faculty

                    Updated February 2011