Phase I: Market Research


Phase I:
Market Research

Phase II:
Resource Analysis
Phase III:
Forms and Documents

Welcome to Phase I of the Road Map to develop new programs at CPCC! All items in the official form, Phase 1: Research Checklist, must be completed and documented as indicated before the proposed program can be recommended to progress to Phase II of the process.

Official Form, Phase I: Research Checklist (.DOCX, 90 kB)

There are seven sequential steps in Phase I of this process, which correspond to the steps in the Research Checklist form. We have provided support resources for each step to help guide you in your program development and completing the documentation for this phase of the process.

Step 1: Internal Environmental Scan: Organizational Fit

Step 2: External Environmental Scan - Outside Influences

Step 3: Market Research

Step 4: Demand Analysis

Step 5: Career Scan

Step 6: Benchmark Other Providers

Step 7: Recommendation to advance to the next phase


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