Road Map to Develop New Programs at CPCC


Phase I:
Market Research

Phase II:
Resource Analysis
Phase III:
Forms and Documents


CPCC encourages innovative, entrepreneurial initiatives and likes to lead from the front. One of the most important contributions the Learning Unit can make in support of the college vision and its enrollment growth strategy is to develop new programs. In doing so, it also allows us to keep pace with the county’s population growth rate, as well as align our programs with strong local employment and workforce development trends.

The program areas, and in particular the faculty, have done an outstanding job of developing, implementing and evaluating new programs over the life of the College, as evidenced by our abundant and diverse portfolio of offerings. However, we have enhanced the current process by conducting more market research (in addition to what the State process requires) to ensure a regional market need, and also conducting an analysis of the required resources on the front end of the program development process. The Learning Unit wants to ensure a program’s sustainability since the launch of a new program may result in a substantial allocation (or reallocation) of resources.

To assist with these ongoing efforts, the Learning Unit formalized the process to develop new programs via a “Road Map” to serve as a job aid. This process will help us capture ideas in a structured way so that we can manage our programmatic growth effectively. Below is a graphical depiction of the process.

Road Map to Develop New Programs

Road Map to Develop New Programs Chart

This website provides the forms and support resources for completing Phase I and Phase II of the Road Map to Develop New Programs. These Phases should be completed and presented for approval to the Vice President for Learning prior to initiation and submission of the State Program Application Packet. Assuming a fall semester start, Phase I and II of the Road Map should be submitted by September of the previous year and the State Program Application Packet should be submitted by October of the previous year. Click here for the Timeline for New Curriculum Programs.

Please contact Lori Alexander, Assistant to the Vice President for Learning and Workforce Development, with questions or assistance in completing the Road Map to Develop New Programs. Lori can be reached at extension 6853 or email

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