Inclement Weather Guidelines

The College intends to adhere to NCCCS memo CC11-001 and any subsequent regulations pertaining to inclement weather policies. The College is committed to making every effort to make-up class time missed because of inclement weather or other emergencies. The College position is that within the confines of space limitations, course content, etc., instructors should work with students to provide the maximum number of hours of instruction listed in the class schedule.

Calculating Census Date:

  • If the College is closed due to inclement weather during the census period of any class, and the closure affects a class meeting day, the College will recalculate the census date for the affected class. The census date will be recalculated if a class is canceled from the start date through the census date.
  • If the College is closed due to inclement weather after the census date, no adjustment is necessary; however, instructors must document how class time was made-up using the procedures below.

Documenting Missed Class Time—Procedures for Instructors:

Because the College has an obligation to deliver the instructional services for which students pay tuition and fees, instruction missed due to inclement weather must be made-up by other alternatives. Some examples may include extra assignments, individual conferences, library assignments, out-of-class work that complements what may be on an instructor’s syllabus, etc.

In order to have an audit trail for FTE reporting purposes, instructors must document how class time was made-up. Using the web attendance system, instructors must:

  1. Choose ‘X’ for the day or days of class missed for inclement weather. All students must be marked with the ‘X’ for the missed day(s) if the class required students to attend in person on that day. Exceptions may be made with the approval of the dean of the course. Students in online courses who complete work on the missed day will have ‘P’ transferred from the learning management system; these should not be moved. NOTE: Faculty of online courses should take into consideration that some students may not be able to complete coursework due to the College closing and consider due date extensions, when appropriate.
  2. Click on the course number highlighted in the top left corner of the web attendance page, which links to a Post a Comment window. Type in the date and reason the class was canceled, and how the class time was made-up. (Example-On January 11, the College was closed because of inclement weather. The missed class will be made-up by students completing an online assignment.) Click “POST.” Remember, that once a note is posted, changes cannot be made to that particular note.
  3. Explanations may be brief, but must clearly communicate how the missed time was completed. NOTE: Distance education instructors may use a notation of “online assignment.”



January 2016