Financial Aid Statement

Information for students regarding attendance and financial aid

Failure to attend class and/or withdrawal from class may impact your financial assistance.

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Failure to attend class may impact scholarships, grants, loans, veteran affairs, and financial aid assistance. Federal regulations require that institutions provide the last date of class attendance or the last date of participation in an academic-related activity for federal financial aid recipients. The purpose of the Last Date of Attendance regulation is to accurately calculate earned federal financial aid for students, exercise institutional administrative capability, and mitigate liabilities and consequences for the college and students.

Student Implications of Stopping Attendance
Attendance reports indicating that you have stopped attending a class may affect the amount of your financial aid award. Based on the last date that a course was attended, your financial aid award could be reduced and you could owe a refund to the College or to the United States Department of Education. You may also risk future financial aid eligibility.

Definition: Last date of Attendance
Last Date of Attendance shall be determined for students meeting one or more of the following criteria:

  1. A student who is on the class roster but fails to attend scheduled class meetings or log into and participate as directed in an online course during the first 10% of the course; or
  2. A student who has missed all scheduled class meetings within a 12.5% or approximately two-week (whichever is greater) timeframe or has not participated as stated in the syllabus without contacting the college course instructor; or
  3. A student in an online course who has not participated as stated in the syllabus and/or completed required course assignments within a period of 12.5 % or approximately two-week period (whichever is greater); or
  4. A student who has missed a minimum of one-eighth of a short term course (including summer term courses) without contacting the college course instructor.

If you have questions, contact the Financial Aid office at 704-330-6942.


March 2011
Reviewed November 2016