Course Repeat Regulations


In an effort to earn a higher grade and/or to enhance mastery of course content, students may repeat any curriculum course. Students may not enroll in the same course more than three times without approval of the appropriate division director, discipline chair, or program chair. If students need additional advisement, the division director will refer them to Counseling and Advisement Services. A withdrawal does not count as a repeat.

When a course has been repeated, the higher grade will be used to recalculate the Grade Point Average (GPA). However, all grades will be recorded on the student’s academic transcript.

In addition, students who have received a degree from CPCC should be advised that a final student GPA is computed at the time of graduation, and this GPA may not be recalculated as courses are repeated.  Furthermore, transfer students should be advised that receiving institutions do not have consistent policies regarding GPA computation.

Students who receive veteran’s benefits should be aware that they will not receive benefits for previous courses completed successfully (as determined by the appropriate division). For all financial aid recipients, repeated courses will be counted toward the 150% timeframe. When students repeat courses, the repeated course is included in (a) enrollment status (full, ¾, ½, or less than ½ time) computations; (b) financial aid awards; (c) 150% calculations; and (d) GPA calculations.

Effective Fall 2006
Reviewed November 2016