Classroom Observation Guidelines

      A classroom observation, either in class or online should be a positive and supportive experience for faculty. The purpose of the classroom observation is to observe instruction, provide suggestions to improve instructional strategies and/or professional interaction, and share the observation with faculty to enhance teaching and learning.

      • Observations of NEW part-time and full-time faculty must be completed within the first terms of their employment.
      • Full-time faculty members on extendible contracts should be observed during the same academic year as their scheduled Performance Assessment & Professional Development Plan. However, Division Directors may elect to observe faculty on a more frequent basis. Faculty members may also request to be observed more frequently.
      • Full-time faculty members on conditional contracts should be observed every year.
      • Part-time faculty members should be observed yearly for their first three years of employment. After three years, part-time faculty members should be observed every other year unless the results of Course Evaluations or other credible information indicates less than expected performance.
      • Division directors may ask others to serve as observers (such as Program/Discipline Chairs); however, observers should be experienced faculty on continuing contracts.
      • Observations should be at least fifty minutes.
      • The observer should be familiar with the descriptors of the classroom observation form and use factual and descriptive observation notes, avoiding vague terms like “good job” or “nice.”


      Classroom Observation Form - Online and Hybrid Courses

      Classroom Observation Form - Seated Classes


      August 2016