Self-Supporting Guidelines for Curriculum Classes


  1. Separate sections of curriculum classes may be offered on a self-supporting basis to meet demand that cannot be covered from the department budget. This continues a long-standing practice.
  2. A regular (tuition) section and a self-supporting section may be offered at the same time/location and taught by the same instructor.
  3. Students who have met the maximum number of repeats for a course must register for the self-supporting section.
  4. The division director will work with the instructional dean to establish a self-supporting fee based on contact hours and will determine what portion of the instructor’s pay is for self-supporting and what portion is for regular instruction.
  5. No refunds are given for self-supporting classes. The instructional dean has the authority to approve refunds for hardship cases.
  6. Senior citizens who have met the maximum repeats must register for the self-supporting section and pay the fee.


Updated 2011