Refund Exception Procedures


Any student requesting a refund must go to the Cashiering Office to request the refund. If the drop date falls within the dates as described in the refund policy or if the reason for the refund is routine, Cashiering Office personnel will process the refund using the Central Piedmont Community College Finance & Administrative services Refund Exception Request form. If the reason for the refund requires special consideration, the Cashiering Office personnel will send an email to the appropriate division director with an attached CPCC Finance & Administrative Service Division Director Referral form.

The student will see the division director and the division director will make a decision based on the information from the student. If the division director approves the request, he/she will access and complete the CPCC Finance & Administrative services Refund Exception Request form online and send it to the Cashiering Department for processing.

If the division director denies the request, he/she will email the Cashiering Department with this

Additional Resources:

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Updated February 2012