Financial Information


Divisional Budgets

All divisions have one or more budgets to support the instructional process.  These accounts are managed by a designated person such as dean, division director, CCE director, etc.  Training is available on understanding the budget system by calling the Budget and Payroll Office. Refer to the CPCC web site at for budget revision forms.

Budget Prep

In January of each year, the process of building the budgets for the new fiscal year begins.  For training in the annual budget prep process, contact the Budget and Payroll Office.


Funds for official travel are available through the appropriate divisional budget, pending approval of the employee’s supervisor.  Refer to the CPCC web site at for the necessary forms. Some travel funds may also be available through the Director of Staff Development.


The Procurement offices are located on Central Campus in the Charlottetowne Office Building at 1230 Charlottetowne Avenue, Charlotte, NC  20804.

Purchases of materials for use by faculty and staff may be made in three ways:  purchase order, check request, or P-card.  Refer to the CPCC web site at for purchasing regulations and guidelines.  This site contains the purchasing manual and a link to the P-card manual.

The purchase requisition is located on screens 250-256 of the CPCC mainframe (ZCTL).  Refer to the purchasing manual on CPCC's Procurement web site for instructions on completing a purchase requisition.

Refer to the CPCC web site at for the check request form, P-card employee agreement, and the FS-25 payment purchasing form (for P-cards).

Discretionary Funds

Each instructional dean has a small discretionary account with funds available for payment of items not allowed in the state budget.  Examples are guest meals, advisory committee meeting refreshments, accreditation group meals, gifts, etc.


Updated March 2015