Copyright Rules and Regulations

Copyright Rules and Regulations are also know as Fair Use Guidelines.

For more information, please see Policy 6.10 Reproduction of Copyrighted Materials

Instructors May Not:

  • Make multiple copies of a work for classroom use if it has already been copied for another class in the same institution.
  • Make multiple copies of a short poem, article, story, or essay from the same author more than once in a class term, or make multiple copies form the same collective work or periodical issue more than three times a term.
  • Make multiple copies of works more than nine times in the same class term.
  • Make a copy of works to take the place of an anthology.
  • Make a copy of “consumable” materials such as workbooks.
  • Make copies of the same item form semester to semester.


Instructors May:

  • Make a single copy for use in scholarly research, or in teaching, or in preparation for teaching a class of the following:
    • A chapter from a book.
    • An article from a periodical or newspaper.
    • A short story, short essay, or short poem, whether or not from a collection.
    • A chart, graph, diagram, drawing, cartoon, or picture from a book, periodical, or newspaper.
  • Make multiple copies for classroom use only, and not to exceed one per student in a class, of the following:
    • A complete poem, if it is less than 250 works and printed on not more than two pages.
    • An excerpt from a longer poem, if it is less than 2,500 words.
    • An excerpt from a prose work, if less than 1,000 words or 10 percent of the work, whichever is less.
    • One chart, graph, diagram, drawing, cartoon, or picture per book or periodical.


Sample Letter

The following is a sample letter to a copyright owner.  It should be submitted using College stationery:

I would like permission to copy the following for use in my class next semester:

Title:  Knowledge is Good, Second Edition
Copyright:  Hypothetical Book Co., 1965, 1971.
Author:  Frances Jones
Material to be duplicated:  Chapter 10 (photocopy enclosed).
Number of copies:  50
Distribution:  the material will be distributed free of charge to students in my class.
Type of reprint:  Photocopy
Use:  The chapter will be used as supplementary teaching materials.

I have enclosed a self-addressed envelope for your convenience in replying to this request.



Faculty Member




November 2011
(Reviewed November 2016)