Learning Unit Listing

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Vice President Richard Zollinger

Office of the Vice President for Learning and Workforce Development

Campus Administration

Dean: George Henderson

Professional Careers


Center Administration

Dean: Janet Malkemes

Financial Services Institute (CCE)
Global Learning


Campus Administration

Dean: Paul Koehnke

Arts: Visual, Performing & Interior Design
Digital Media, Journalism & Communication
Hospitality Education

CCR Administration

Dean: Kathi McLendon

Career Development
CCR Instructional Effectiveness
Work and Learn


Campus Administration

Dean: Kelly Trainor

Applied Technologies
Construction Technologies


Campus Administration

Associate VP/Dean: Mary Vickers-Koch

Corporate Learning Center
Economic Recruitment
Leadership, Management & Professional Development
Project & Market Resources
Small Business Center

Campus Administration

Dean: Edith McElroy

ACA, English & Humanities
Business & Accounting
Behavioral & Social Sciences

Library Administration

Dean: Gloria Kelley

Campus Administration

Dean: Tamara Williams

Public Safety
Transport Systems Technologies


Dean: Ruth Hedgpeth

Early Childhood Education
Health & Human Services
Health Sciences
Medical Careers/Cosmetology
Nursing Education

PD/eLearning Administration

Dean: Karen Merriman

Leadership & Staff Development Center
Learning Communities

STEM Administration

Dean: Chris Paynter

Engineering Technologies
Information Technology