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Advisory Committee Recommendation

Advisory Committee Sample Letter

Articulation Agreement

Audit Class Agreement Form


Cancelled/Moved Class Form

Classroom Observation Form - Online and Hybrid Courses

Classroom Observation Form - Seated Classes

Contract Adjustment Form (CPCC login required)

Course Proposal/Revision Form (CIM) *Use Mozilla Firefox as Browser (see CIM Helpful Hints)

Course Substitution and Waiver Form Site (CPCC login required)

Credit by Examination (CBE) Course Request Form

Curriculum Committee Form: 15-1 New CCL Course

Curriculum Committee Form: 15-2 CCL Course Revision

Curriculum Committee Form: Pre- and Co-requisites

Curriculum Standard Revision Form


Discipline Chair Agreement Form/Reassigned Time (CPCC login required)


Faculty Developed Material Form

Faculty Teaching Self-Assessment

Field Trip Request Form


Grade Appeal Forms (CPCC login required)


Hiring - Checklist

Hiring - Interview Committee Charge Form

Hiring - Sample Ad


Incomplete Grade Form

International Travel Request - Faculty Forms

International Travel Request - Student Forms


New Program - Research Checklist (Phase I)

New Program - Resource Analysis (Phase II)

New Program - Three-year Budget Template


O'Herron Award Form

Online Course Capacity Change Request (CPCC login required)

Overload Exception Form - FT Faculty

Overload Exception Form - PT Faculty


Program Admit/Change Form (CPCC login required)

Program Chair Agreement Form/Reassigned TIme (CPCC login required)

Program Proposal/Revision Form (CIM) * Use Mozilla Firefox as Browser (see CIM Helpful Hints)


Reassigned Time Form (CPCC login required)


Schedule Adjustment Permission to Register Form

Section Cancellation Form

Stipend Form (CPCC login required)

Syllabus Template - ADA Compliant*
*Syllabus Template is ADA compliant. However, the Accessibility Checker should be used for any changes to the document other than text (e.g., images, tables, etc.) to ensure compliance on additional content.


Transfer Agreement Work Plan

Transfer Agreements (Articulation) Template


Upward Evaluation Form (CPCC login required)

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