May 2012 Letter to Faculty & Staff

May 2012

Richard Zollinger

Even though May marks the end of an academic year at CPCC, June and July are busy months here at the College. What is accomplished during these busy weeks impacts the rest of the year. In addition to the more than 1,000 curriculum classes taught, the numerous Corporate and Continuing education offerings, and College and Career Readiness courses, here are just a few special projects that will take place in summer 2012.


Part-time faculty training

This summer marks the fifth year that CPCC will offer approximately 100 part-time faculty the opportunity to supplement their discipline and workplace expertise with the tools and resources needed to assume their roles as effective teachers. The Part-time Faculty Certification program consists of 25 hours of instruction in adult learning theories, effective learning environments, classroom management, student-centered assignments, and assessments based on learning outcomes. This program has received national recognition from the League for Innovations and the National Council of Staff, Professional and Organizational Development. Alumni of the program have been hired into full-time positions. The program is facilitated by Professional Development but relies on facilitators from the full-time faculty to ensure its success.

Here is one testimonial:

"I cannot tell you how much I am enjoying this course and what a truly enlightening experience this has been for me. Until now I had been ‘floating’ around the campus in a very isolated (adjunct instructor) world. It is so reassuring to read about others just like me--and to get to know them through our sessions and the discussion board."


Return to Industry

We are pleased to announce a new opportunity for faculty, our Return-to-Industry program, which allows veteran faculty an opportunity to intern with an employer during the last two weeks of May. The internship is expected to help the instructor

  • enhance his/her understanding of workforce demands and needs,
  • provide access to and application of state-of-the-art equipment/machinery,
  • gain an up-to-date perspective on current workplace and the skills students will need, and
  • gain increased credibility with students and community.


This year we have seven instructors who are participating in Return-to-Industry internships. The internships range from information technology to graphic arts to the medical field. After completing the internship, faculty propose curriculum revisions based on what they learned. This program allows faculty to stay connected with the latest industry trends.


iPad project

The Learning Unit and Information Technology Services have begun phase 3 of the iPad pilot. The goal of this round is to focus on the creation and delivery of digital content to students who will be using the iPad2. This fall will be the first step in that direction as 12 instructors will use iPad2 and Apple laptops and experience an iPad classroom as both a teacher and a student. Both full and part-time faculty from any division in the Learning Unit can submit a proposal to be considered. Instructors need to use a campus computer to access the form. For questions or more information, please contact Gary Ritter, the faculty liaison to ITS.

The applicants will be chosen in May and will use the summer to start developing digital content and other class materials and activities.


New Hires

We welcome the following individuals that have joined us in the Learning Unit this semester.

Position Title Employee's Name Department

Instructor, Physics

Carlos Roldan Science
Instructional Lab Facilitator, Biology Jessica Messer Science
Instructor, Associate Degree Nursing Susan Spence Nursing Education
Instructor, Psychology Stephanie Sabbagh Behavioral & Social Sciences
Instructor, English Jaime Pollard-Smith English, Reading & Humanities
Instructor, Pharmacy Technology Donna Bowery Health & Human Services
Instructor, Paralegal Lindsay Willis Professional Careers
Instructor, Information Technology Jean Schoenheit Information Technology
Curriculum Coach, Engineering Mark Alder Engineering Technologies
Program Assistant Alexis Frisinger CCE
Curriculum Coach, Health Careers Glenda Nnaji Administration - Central Campus
Instructor, ASL Jay Harris Professional Careers
Instructional Developer II Shantelle Strickland-Davis Professional Development
Instructor, HEATT Nelson McSwain Transport Systems
Instructor, ASL Sharon Hurley Professional Careers
Instructor, Energy Engineering Jesus Gonzalez Engineering Technologies
Customer Service Representative Kelly Huneycutt CCE
Medical Records Specialist Linda Porter Health Sciences
Library Technical Assistant Citamba "Blaise" Kazadi Library Services
Instructor, Adult ESL Nicole Ashton Community Development
Instructor, Math Lori Bean Mathematics
Customer Service Representative Mary Beth Brown CCE
Director, Faculty Training & Development Patricia Hendrickson Professional Development
Special Projects Coordinator Natisha Griffin VP for Learning's Office
Program Coordinator, Senior Jennifer Fielder Community Development
Librarian Denise Keating Library Services


Employees On The Move

These employees have moved to new positions in the Learning Unit.

Position Title Employee's Name Department
GED Program Coordinator Cheryl Simmons Community Development
Instructional Developer II Babak Keyvani Professional Development
Program Coordinator, Senior Geraldine Johnson Community Development
Division Director Jeff Wyco Engineering Technologies
Director, Global Learning Nadine Russell Administration - Levine Campus
Division Director Loretta Evivie Business & Accounting
Director, Instructional Transitions April Root Community Development
Administrative Assistant II Tammi Smith Health & Human Services
Project Specialist Stephen Alexander CCE
Program Assistant, CCE Marcus Caldwell Health & Human Services
Director, Experiential Learning Jill Lutz Work Place Learning
Dean Janet Malkemes Cato Campus - Professional Careers
Customer Service Representative Willis Moore CCE
Curriculum Coach, Math Shana Neely Mathematics


This has been a busy year and a productive year. We have offered more sections of classes than ever before. You have been involved in Achieving the Dream, Completion by Design, Curriculum Improvement Projects, the SACS reaffirmation process, and the Quality Enhancement Plan, just to name a few of the many endeavors that have gone on at the College this year and continue. I am proud of CPCC’s Learning Unit and all that has been accomplished! I am proud of the community of instructors, administrators, and staff who work so diligently to provide the best possible learning opportunities for our students. My thanks to all of you! Wherever you may be this summer, here at CPCC continuing your work, at home gardening or working on personal projects, vacationing or visiting with friends and family, enjoy some time of rest and relaxation; and I will see you in August!



Richard Zollinger
Vice President for Learning
Central Piedmont Community College