Letter to Faculty & Staff from Richard Zollinger


August 2015

Dear Faculty and Staff,

Welcome back to a new year! Whether you spent the summer in the classroom, working on projects and administrative tasks, traveling, or relaxing at home, I hope you found a few quiet moments of rest to renew you for the year ahead.

Thank you so much for attending our recent Student Success Seminar with Dr. Terry O’Banion.  I was energized by the overwhelming number of faculty attending each of the sessions and hope you found them valuable and meaningful.  Your support is indicative of how our faculty continue to embrace student success.

New Degree Programs

This fall we will welcome students to three new associate degree programs (pending SACSCOC approval).  The Global Logistics and Distribution Technology program will help prepare Charlotte as a global transportation and distribution hub.  The Biomedical Equipment Technology program will train students to install, operate, and repair the technical equipment used in health care settings.  Finally, the Broadcasting and Production Technology program will utilize our WTVI studios to prepare students for careers in television, radio, and other broadcasting industries.

General Education/Core4

The General Education and Core4  Alignment Initiative Committee has been working hard to provide students and faculty with a clear understanding of how the General Education program and CORE4 provide a connected and enhanced learning experience for students. This year the committee is developing a plan that includes equity, documentation, linkage, communication, transparency, consistency, and concordance.  Objectives for the year include:

•       Clarification of General Education as a program within established programs of study.

•       Designation of General Education courses within the General Education Program, with specified policy, procedures, and outcomes.

•       Clarification of the CORE4 as a program across programs of study.

•       Review of courses designated for CORE4, with specified policy, procedures, and outcomes.

•       Alignment of the General Education Program to Core4, specifically as it relates to assessment.

STAR (Success through Academic Reporting)

This fall STAR (Success through Academic Reporting) will expand to all 8-week, 12-week, and 16-week courses.  The goal of the STAR program is to improve the success of students through enhanced student support and ongoing strategic communication.  Faculty will submit STAR reports through the Online Student Profile (OSP) at two critical points during the term, early in the term and at the midterm point. As Dr. O’Banion noted at the forum, intervening during a student’s first term is key to their retention and ultimate success.  The STAR reports you file for your students help provide that intervention and subsequent support for students who need it the most.

Completion by Design & MAP

Last year most of you received training on using the new MAP tool to advise students through their program of study.  These are ready to use, as approximately 8000 students now have a MAP in place.  This will be even more beneficial as the last component of the proactive advising model, pairing second year transfer students with faculty who teach courses in the student’s area of interest, is implemented.

Ballantyne Center

Over the summer CPCC continued to grow in exciting ways with the opening of the Ballantyne Center!  Corporate and Continuing Education courses began in mid-July and over 160 students have already been served.  The initial focus is on courses in banking and financial services, computer and information technology, project management, notary, small business, and personal enrichment.  This beautiful facility provides another avenue to provide high quality instruction to our community.

I would also like to welcome the 26 new faculty and staff members joining our team this fall.  These new faculty bring with them dedication, expertise in their fields, and an enthusiasm for teaching.  Along with the passion and numerous talents of our existing staff, these new team members will help us to continue our emphasis on quality programs and student success.  I am including a list of all new hires.

Hired January 1, 2015 –  August 6, 2015

New Hires

Position Title Employee's Name Department
Academic Advisor/Transcript Analyst Jaclyn Sroda College & Career Readiness
Administrative Assistant I Nazirah Pearson Health Sciences
Administrative Assistant II Nichitia Ethridge Nursing Education
Administrative Assistant II Latissha Springer STEM
Administrative Assistant III Janice Hall Library Services
Coordinator Emma Dechant Workplace Learning
Corporate Training Advisor Thomas Elmore CCE
Course Management Specialist Sabrina Mils Instructional Course Management
Instructinal Lab Coordinator Serenity Stokes-Cox Science
Instructional Lab Coordinator Claudia Cardenas Science
Instructional Lab Coordinator Yaleaka Currie Science
Instructional Lab Coordinator Richie Skaggs Science
Instructional Lab Facilitator Leonard O'Shields Engineering Technologies
Instructional Lab Facilitator, Dental Assisting Stefanie Michael Health Sciences
Instructional Office Assistant Ingrid Schlotterbeck College & Career Readiness
Instructional Office Assistant Angela Cook Arts: Visual, Performing & Interior Design
Instructor, Accounting Baseemah Hasan Business & Accounting
Instructor, Adult High School Sonya Burney College & Career Readiness
Instructor, Advertising & Graphic Design Lindy Dobbins Applied Technologies
Instructor, Architectural Technology Melanie Riddick Construction Technologies
Instructor, Biology Tanya Williams Science
Instructor, Biology Lauren Jackson Science
Instructor, Biology Kimberly Miller Science
Instructor, Business Administration Joanne Euripides Business & Accounting
Instructor, Communication Ashley Sherrill Digital Media, Journalism & Communication
Instructor, Cosmetology Melissa Martin Medical Careers & Cosmetology
Instructor, Cytotechnology Danielle Hensley Medical Careers & Cosmetology
Instructor, Dental Assisting Pamela Feeney Health Sciences
Instructor, Diesel & Heavy Equipment Peter Hentze Transport Systems
Instructor, Diesel and Heavy Equipment Chris Winchester Transport Systems Technology
Instructor, Economics Vivian Wright Business & Accounting
Instructor, Emergency Medical Science Christopher Goenner Public Safety
Instructor, English Timothy Robinson ACA, English & Humanities
Instructor, English Jennifer Graham ACA, English & Humanities
Instructor, Foundational Skills Bree Rivers College & Career Readiness
Instructor, Global Logistics & Distribution Management Omar Kazzaz Business & Accounting
Instructor, Health & Physical Education Karla Jones Health & Human Services
Instructor, History Stacy Moore Behaviorial & Social Sciences
Instructor, Horticulture Technology Kelly Black Professional Careers
Instructor, Mathematics Hai Ngo Mathematics
Instructor, Mechatronics Engineering Matthew Calvin Engineering Technologies
Instructor, Medical Assisting Sheryl Bell Medical Careers & Cosmetology
Instructor, Nursing Lisa Scott Nursing Education
Instructor, Nursing Lynne Ordoyne Nursing Education
Instructor, Nursing Hortense Turner Nursing Education
Instructor, Nursing Emily Nelson Nursing Education
Instructor, Nursing Kelly Wright Nursing Education
Instructor, Nursing Assistant Alicia Hincemon Nursing Education
Instructor, Psychology Dennis Wilson Behaviorial & Social Sciences
Librarian Kory Paulus Library Services
Librarian Christy Case Library Services
Librarian Senior Emily Leachman Library Services
Library Assistant Giselle Gomez Library Services
Library Specialist Sharon Nance Library Services
Library Specialist Chad Fortner Library Services
Library Specialist Michele Birmingham Library Services
Program Coordinator, Career Technical Education Margaret Thornton Harper Campus
Program Coordinator, NC STEM Alliance Amber Griffin STEM
Program Developer Susan Castelli Construction Technologies
Program Developer Amber Shannon Applied Technologies
Program Developer, AAAF Katherine Williams Public Safety
Program Developer, Computer Training Sharon Jones CCE
Project Manager, NC STEM Alliance Michelle Bilodeau STEM
Senior Coordinator, Art Gallery Cassandra Richardson Arts: Visual, Performing & Interior Design

Employees On The Move

Position Title Employee's Name Department
Administrative Assistant III Kathleen Anderson Levine Campus Administration
Assistant to the Vice President (Academic) Amy Bruining Vice President for Learning & Workforce Dev.
Associate Dean, Allied Health and Cosmetology Kay Miller Health, Human Services, Early Childhood Education, and Cosmetology
Coordinator Kimberly Amory English, Reading & Humanities
Director, Human Resources Development Sheena Ashley College & Career Readiness
Director, STAR Sarah Wilde Learning & Workforce Development
Instructor, Dental Hygiene Deborah Marcantonio Health Sciences
Program Assistant Lizanette Lopes CCE

Best wishes for a great fall semester!

Richard Zollinger

Vice President for Learning & Workforce Development
Central Piedmont Community College