Letter to Faculty & Staff from Richard Zollinger


August 2017

Dear Colleagues,

Welcome back to a new academic year!  Summer weeks always pass so quickly.  Whether you were teaching in the classroom, helping with various administrative projects, traveling, or enjoying time at home, I hope you found some rest and relaxation. Summer did not stop our faculty and students from finding academic and professional success.  As you heard at Dr. Deitemeyer’s forum last week, Chef Robert Marilla, Culinary Instructor, has been selected to compete with the 2020 Culinary TEAM USA.  This is an extremely prestigious competition and we are proud of Chef Marilla for winning one of the coveted six slots on the team.  Also, as you watched footage of the PGA Tournament held at Quail Hollow last week, I hope you took note of their pristine greens.  We are proud to have had alumni of our Turfgrass Management program working at Quail Hollow and helping to make that tournament a success.  Finally, we are also pleased to share that last month Accounting.com ranked our Accounting program third on its list of “The Top 10 Best Associate Degree Programs” in the United States. I am extremely proud of our faculty, students, and alumni – these are just a few examples of your tremendous accomplishments!


We had a wonderful time together last week at the Learning and Workforce Development Fall Forum and Critical Core Symposium.  I hope the day was meaningful for you and helped to energize you for the new term.  You can find a copy of Dr. Mark Taylor’s presentation here (Internet Explorer recommended).


As we move into this year, I would like to share the priorities that will guide our collective work within the Learning Unit and encourage each of you to be part of this work:

  • Quality Learning Environments: Ensure quality in all aspects of the learning environment (supporting the online learning strategic plan, Critical Core implementation, Intentional Course Design, etc.).

  • Clear Pathways for Students: Identify clear pathways for students with multiple entry and exit points that lead to employment.

  • Career Clusters: Represent our career clusters on the website in order for students to determine what an appropriate career path might be and the best way to get there.

  • Academic Perspective in Strategic Planning for Student Success: Make the academic perspective an integral part of the College’s new strategic plan.


    I have also heard from many of you that it is difficult to stay current with the numerous projects and initiatives being worked on in the Learning Unit.  To help address this, we will be launching a new webpage that provides ongoing updates on our major initiatives, such as Critical Core, Intentional Course Design, and Competency-Based Education.  The webpage will include project overviews, milestones, and progress toward completion. Because the site will be regularly updated, you will be able to find current information about our major initiatives in a single location, rather than having to track it down through each project’s individual website.  Look for this new page to launch during the fall semester.


    Finally, faculty committees, directors, and deans have done an outstanding job of hiring and filling the gaps left from retirements over the past months.  We are impressed with the enthusiasm the new hires bring to the Learning Unit.  Many of the new hires started work last spring and have already become familiar faces.  I am including in the list below all new hires since September 1, 2016:

    Position Title Employee's Name Department
    Academic Advisor Janet Dinh College and Career Readiness
    Administrative Assistant II Sandy Howell STEM
    Administrative Assistant II Georgia Jones CCE
    Career and Academic Advisor Adair Rawley College and Career Readiness
    Career and Academic Advisor Paula Holmes College and Career Readiness
    Coordinator, Career Technical Education Jamila Freelain Harper Campus Administration
    Coordinator, Career Technical Education Nzingha Williams Merancas Campus
    Corporate Training Advisor Michael Garcia CCE
    Customer Service Representative Darien Bucher CCE
    Customer Service Representative Holly Sawyers CCE
    Division Director Stacy Moore Behavioral  & Social Sciences
    Division Director Jasmin Feimster Sciences
    Division Director Richard Kugelmann Hospitality Education
    Division Director Catherine Flores Health and Human Services
    eLearning Librarian Mollie Peuler Library Services
    Executive Director, eLearning Luvon Hudson Professional Development and eLearning
    Instructional Design Specialist Kelly Wilson CCE
    Instructional Developer II Betsy Ziskind Professional Development and eLearning
    Instructional Developer II Laurie Necasek Professional Development and eLearning
    Instructional Developer II Heather Wire Professional Development and eLearning
    Instructional Lab Coordinator Christopher Wiggins Electrical Systems Technology
    Instructional Lab Coordinator Shuangying Yu Sciences
    Instructional Lab Facilitator Garrett Glynn Engineering Technologies
    Instructional Office Assistant Keon Chambers Behavioral & Social Sciences
    Instructional Office Assistant Phetsakone Allen Digital Media, Journalism & Communication
    Instructional Office Assistant Neyla Santamaria College and Career Readiness
    Instructional Office Assistant Lateshia Owens ACA, English & Humanities
    Instructional Program Coordinator Melissa McClure College and Career Readiness
    Instructor, Accounting Matt Njoku Business & Accounting
    Instructor, Accounting Anne Roberts Business & Accounting
    Instructor, Accounting Alisia Wilson Business & Accounting
    Instructor, Adult ESL Nicole Ashton College and Career Readiness
    Instructor, Advertising & Graphic Design Brittany Holleran Applied Technologies
    Instructor, Architectural Technology Travis Smith Construction Technologies
    Instructor, Automotive Systems Technology (BMW) Noland Swaim Transport Systems Technology
    Instructor, Business Administration Marcia Colson Business & Accounting
    Instructor, Chemistry Deepti Gupta Sciences
    Instructor, Communication Cailyn Noland Digital Media, Journalism & Communication
    Instructor, Communication Owen Sutkowski Digital Media, Journalism & Communication
    Instructor, Cosmetology Javaughn Rendleman Medical Careers & Cosmetology
    Instructor, Culinary Arts Joshua Rosenbaum Hospitality Education
    Instructor, Diesel and Heavy Equipment Chad Blythe Transport Systems Technologies
    Instructor, Early Childhood Education Kristi Godfrey-Hurrell Early Childhood Education
    Instructor, English Alicia Dervin ACA, English & Humanities
    Instructor, English April Brown ACA, English & Humanities
    Instructor, English Virginia Mullins ACA, English & Humanities
    Instructor, English Jessica Morton English, Reading & Humanities
    Instructor, Global Business Taheri Protzel Business & Accounting
    Instructor, History Sheri Kahn Behavioral & Social Sciences
    Instructor, Mathematics Amy Baranowski Mathematics
    Instructor, Mathematics Laura Alrick Mathematics
    Instructor, Mathematics Elizabeth Tadvick Mathematics
    Instructor, Medical Assisting Karen Griffin Medical Careers & Cosmetology
    Instructor, Non-Destructive Examination Rodney Stephens Applied Technologies
    Instructor, Nurse Aide Beverley Fisher Health and Human Services
    Instructor, Nursing Ann Moss Nursing Education
    Instructor, Nursing Crystal Eaker Nursing Education
    Instructor, Nursing Erin Montgomery Health and Human Services
    Instructor, Nursing Kay Edwards Health and Human Services
    Instructor, Philosophy Nathan Wood ACA, English & Humanities
    Instructor, Physical Therapist Assistant G. O'Neil Herbert Health Sciences
    Instructor, Truck Driving Michael Lee Transport Systems Technologies
    Instructor, Truck Driving Joseph Stafford Transport Systems Technology
    Instructor, Visual Arts J. Ashley Knight Arts: Visual, Performing & Interior Design
    Instructor, Broadcasting & Production Technology Danielle Kosir Digital Media, Journalism & Communication
    Librarian Andrea Kincaid Library Services
    Program Assistant Janelle Young CCE
    Program Coordinator, Nurse Aide and CCE Health Rosa Wilson Health and Human Services
    Program Developer Jonathan Klish College and Career Readiness
    Program Developer, CCE Duana Jones Transport Systems Technology
    Project Specialist Liza Melms Global Engagement
    Records Management Specialist James Weed CCE
    Records Management Specialist David Adams CCE

    The start of new academic year always brings a positive energy – we are excited to have the students back on campus and look forward to helping each one reach their academic goals!

    Richard Zollinger

    Vice President for Learning & Workforce Development
    Central Piedmont Community College