What are Learning Communities?

What is a Learning Community?

Learning communities are groups of professionals that form to learn from one another, solve problems, and share established best practices. Professional learning within communities requires continuous improvement, promotes collective responsibility, and supports alignment of individual, departmental, and College goals.

What is the role of the Learning Community member?

  • Attend meetings.
  • Offer ideas, be creative.

How is Professional Development credit earned?

  • Participants earn credit on an hourly basis.  For every hour you dedicate to the Learning Community, you earn that amount of PD credit.  Yes, it is possible to earn all 20 hours.

What is the role of the Learning Community chair? The chair(s) of each Learning Community is responsible for the following:

  • Facilitate meetings. Determine meeting locations and times.
  • Communicate with group. Track participation of members.
  • Meet with Debbie Lord once per semester.