Testimonies for Learning Communities

View the testimonies below to see what faculty are saying about CPCC's Learning Communities!

  • “Learning Communities provides support for educators who are interested in putting their best foot forward to ensure every student in the classroom remains engaged.”, Nelson McSwain, Integrated Course Design Learning Community
  • “The opportunity to be part of a learning community has been invigorating and fulfilling both personally and professionally. I have offered group and personal assistance to several colleagues, and this has been more rewarding than I could have ever imagined. It is truly better to give than to receive, and nothing speaks to that more than giving back to my colleagues. It makes us a better community of educators, allows us to work together in new ways, and simply makes being at CPCC more fun!”  Martin House, Co-chair Research and Publication Learning Community
  • “The ultimate way to grow professionally is to write down your professional goals and meet regularly with a group of caring colleagues who will listen compassionately and help you achieve the goals.  I am working on my fourth book right now which is work from my PhD dissertation and the College Fellows research... I needed "time and space" to work on the project and now, thanks to the Research and Publication Learning Community, I am working on a manuscript.”  Anne McIntosh, Research and Publication Learning Community
  • “Being a part of Faculty Learning Communities at CPCC has allowed me to rapidly enhance my knowledge about the practices, values, and people who make the college go 'round. Participating in Faculty Learning Communities supports my dedication for developing excellence for my students. Faculty Learning Communities are the essence of a "learn to teach, and teach to learn" approach. Being involved in Faculty Learning Communities has broadened my knowledge of college initiatives, encouraging me to develop and demonstrate more confidence as a faculty member.” Carl Arrington, Critical Thinking Learning Community and Integrated Course Design Learning Community
  • "Working with other faculty in a Learning Community provided me the opportunity to connect with and understand what others do at the college...more specifically, it forced me to become aware of my own assumptions about teaching, learning, and how others approached our work at the college. This is actually quite funny, considering that my learning community is focused on Critical Thinking. It is so easy to talk the talk...very humbling to walk the walk. I always preach to my students about being able to identify assumptions and bias...it is the foundation by which I approach Critical Thinking.  My involvement with the Critical Thinking Faculty Learning Community taught me that I still had my own work to do, in terms of critical thinking...(smile)."  Terina Lathe, Critical Thinking Learning Community.