Fall 2014 Learning Communities


ACA 111-93      College Student Success              T,TH 9:30a – 10:20a          Willie  Williams (1st short session)
ACA 120-93      Career Assessment                      T,TH 9:30a – 10:20a          Judy Pryor  (2nd short session)


Policy and Paragraphs

ENG 111-38      English Composition                      M,W 12:30p – 1:45p        Elizabeth West
SOC 210-08     Intro to Sociology                           M, W 2:00p – 3:15p         Mike Bossick


Military Veterans

ENG 111-06      English Composition                     MWF 9:30a – 10:20a        Amy Bagwell
HIS 132-01        American History II                        MWF 8:30a – 9:20a          Kathryn Wells