Integrated Course Design

2014-2015 Integrated Course Design Faculty Learning Community


Cynthia Brunson

Program Chair: Office Systems Technology

Cynthia Brunson is an instructor and program chair of the office systems technology program here at CPCC.

Roschella Stephens

Instructor: Physical Therapy

Roschella is an instructor in the physical therapy program.

Jeri Guido

Instructor: Criminal Justice

Jeri Guido is a full-time criminal justice instructor at Central Piedmont Community college and has been

employed since .

Elvira Johnson

Coordinator- Learning Communities

Elvira Johnson is the coordinator for learning communities. She is also an ACA (study skills) and developmental math instructor. She received her Bachelor of Science at Georgia Institute of Technology (Industrial Engineering) and her Master of Arts at North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University (Adult Education). During her spare time, she enjoys cooking, coming up with creative ways to do things, and being a free spirit.

Anne McIntosh

Instructor: Communications

Anne McIntosh is a full time instructor in the Arts and Communications department at Central Piedmont Community College. .