Globalization in the Classroom

Gaining a global perspective is vital to succeeding in today’s marketplace. Preparation to recognize and address issues and phenomena at global, international, and local levels, as well as develop intercultural competencies greatly benefit our students. This Learning Community provides a supportive network for the integration of global perspective into classes taught either seated or online. A wealth of resources are available to assist in making your course eligible for the NC Scholars of Global Distinction Program.

Limited to 10 participants. Apply for joining the Globalization in the Classroom learning community:

Meeting times 3:30-5:00 p.m. once per month for fall 2018

  • Wed Sept 5—Central campus—Hall 304
  • Thus Oct 4—Levine campus—LV 2218 (smart classroom)
  • Wed. Nov 7—Central campus—Hall 216
  • Thur. Dec 13th –International meal -Hall 304 of off-campus location