Get Started

Step 1. Complete a CPCC Application

Go to the CPCC Home Page:

Click on the orange ‘Get Started’ box

Click on the Degree Seeking or Transfer button under ‘College Credit’ box.

Click the green ‘Complete Application’ box.

When you submit, your ID number will be emailed to you in a CPCC welcome letter within 24 hours.

Important details to know as you complete application:

  • Use the Lateral Entry Program code, C55430 for Lateral Entry classes.
  • There is no financial aid for Lateral Entry classes. Limited scholarship funding available.
  • There is no need to send transcripts to the college.
  • College Placement test is waived for Lateral Entry students.
  • Check in-state residency rule - click here, CPCC policy 7.03 In-state Tuition Requirements, III.A
    "A person 18 years of age or older is not deemed eligible for the in-state tuition rate unless legal residence in North Carolina has been maintained for at least 12 months preceding the date of his/her first enrollment in an institution of higher education in this state."

Step 2. Submit Lateral Entry Documents

Scan documents and information listed below to Documents are required to take Lateral Entry courses. It takes at least 2 weeks to verify documents and to clear for registration.

  • A copy of your signed RALC Plan of Study or Qualifying Letter. CMS teachers may have a  LTAP Intent Form.
  • A digital copy of your unofficial undergraduate transcript showing the degree deferred, the institution and an English course
  • CPCC Student ID number from the CPCC welcome email
  • Your requested course(s) and indicate semester.

EDU-163 Classroom Management and Instruction

EDU-243 Learning Theory

EDU-244 Human Growth and Development

EDU-271 Educational Technology

Step 3. Preparing to Register

When all documents are submitted and verified, you will receive an email from Karen Anderson about preparing to register. Seats are limited. Payment is due on the Monday after you register.

Step 4. Register for class

Go to the CPCC home page:

Click on ‘My College’ not Schedule Builder

Click on ‘Log In’

Log In/Submit

Click on ‘Students’

Click on ‘Register for Sections’

Click on ‘Search and Register for Sections’

Select Term (ex: Spring 2016)

Select subject & course/section number (ex. EDU 163 L01); Submit

Click on ‘Select’ to verify the course; Submit

Under ‘Action’, choose ‘Register’; Submit

You should get a message ‘You are currently registered for (your chosen) class.”

Step 5. Pay for class

Go to My College. Under Financial Information, choose ‘Make a Payment’ to pay for your class(es). Payment is due on the Monday after you register. For information on Tuition and Fees, Click Here, Cashiering Department.


Questions and further information: Karen Anderson at