Language Lab Usage Policy

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The policy below is for both the Central Campus Language Lab and Levine Campus Language Lab.

  1. The Language Lab is to be used for language study tutoring/activities
  2. Students are welcome in the lab use the computers, but in order to get tutoring, they need to make an appointment.
  3. Tutoring sessions are generally limited to 30 minutes in length.
  4. Students are allowed to have two hours total tutoring per week, per subject.
  5. No food or drinks allowed in Language Lab.
  6. A current CPCC ID card issued to the student is required to check out materials.
  7. Students must have a CPCC Login account to access Lab computers. If you have not already activated your account, you can follow the link here, or go to the College home page and click on the CPCC Login link shown on the lower left hand portion of the screen.
  8. No guests or children are allowed in the Language Lab. The Lab is open only to students registered for Language Lab.
  9. Phones must be turned off upon entering the Lab.
  10. The Language Lab telephone is not for student use.
  11. Computer/Internet use is for course related activities only. Printing must be class related.
  12. Study quietly, respecting other students using the Lab.
  13. You may receive an interim suspension from the Language Lab for any infraction of the Policy or disrespectful behavior.

    Lab Facilitators

    Lab facilitators who are fluent in Spanish, French, German and English are on duty in the Central Campus and Levine Campus Language Labs. If you are having difficulty understanding or completing your lab assignments, make an appointment! The facilitators are there to tutor assignments, technical orientation composition, revising composition and exam review. However, remember that facilitators are needed by many students, so their time must be respected by scheduling an appointment for a tutoring session.

    Lab facilitators have to make sure that all students adhered to the Language Lab Policy.