Foreign Language Lab Requirements

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The requirements listed below are for students taking Spanish, French, and German. Students taking EFL classes have a separate set of requirements which are assigned by instructors.

  1. Students are required to complete their language assignments per language course.
  2. Students in Spanish, French, and German may complete Lab assignments at home or at CPCC.
    1. Spanish, French and German assignments are on Blackboard.
    2. Students who use computers in an open computer lab or campus library to complete lab assignments will need to provide their own headsets. All specified assignments must be completed by set deadlines indicated on syllabus.
  3. Missing assignments will result in a Failing grade for the Lab.
  4. Lab grade will mirror the course grade as long as all assignments have been completed.
  5. Students may not retake the Lab portion of the course without the accompanying language course. Both must be completed before
    continuing to higher level course.
  6. Students with CPCC ID card may check out foreign language videos and DVDs for a period of 3 nights.

Central & Levine Campus:

  • Lab attendance is recorded on Lab Card and also using Lab Track program on our lab computers.
  • Students sign the Policy Acceptance form.
  • Students are required to complete Lab registration and Lab Card after viewing the Lab Orientation.
  • The Lab Card is an official document which remains in the Lab.