Foreign Language Lab Requirements

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Central & Levine Campus:

(Students are not allowed to attend a tutoring session instead of their classes)

In order to get tutoring in the Language Lab, students are required to make an appointment.

Appointments rules

  • In order to get help, make an appointment with a tutor.
  • Tutoring sessions are generally limited to 30 minutes in length.
  • Students are allowed to have two hours tutoring total per week, per subject.
  • Appointments will not be scheduled over the phone, you must schedule them on
  • Please contact the Language Lab in case you have to cancel your appointment at least two hours before your session.
  • Once your tutoring session has ended you may be asked to leave so that other students waiting can start their tutoring session.

Plan and organize your time

  • Make appointment as soon as you need help with an assignment, or study for a quiz or a test.
  • Come ready with all relevant information to the tutoring session such as study guides, or assignments.
  • Provide instructions from your instructor such rubric.

Know Your Assignment

  • Be very familiar with your course assignment by reviewing all of your work thoroughly before meeting with a tutor.
  • Students are encouraged to try to complete the assignment so that the tutors can review your work and help to make corrections in the needed areas.

On-line Lab assignments requirements

  1. Students are required to complete their language assignments per language course.
  2. Students in Spanish, French, and German may complete Lab assignments at home or at CPCC.
    1. Spanish, French and German assignments are on Blackboard.
    2. Students who use computers in an open computer lab or campus library to complete lab assignments will need to provide their own headsets. All specified assignments must be completed by set deadlines indicated on syllabus.
  3. Missing assignments will result in a Failing grade for the Lab.
  4. Lab grade will mirror the course grade as long as all assignments have been completed.
  5. Students may not retake the Lab portion of the course without the accompanying language course. Both must be completed before continuing to higher level course.
  6. Students with CPCC ID card may check out foreign language videos and DVDs for a period of 3 nights.