LabTrak instructions


When you use a computer, simply sign into the computer as you normally would, with your CPCC Login. The Lab Track screen will automatically opens and you must select the class that you are going to work in the lab for that day. When you log out from the computer the Lab Track logs you off automatically.

If you do not use a computer and use other resources in the Language Lab, you will need to sign into the Lab track from the computer beside the Front Desk.

Once logged in as your SNAP and password, another screen pops up that displays your the list of  classes that you are taking, and you must select the class that you are going to work for that day in the Language Lab. Press the CONTINUE button after filling out all the appropriate information.

If you are working on more than one class assignment on any particular day, you should sign out after you are done with one class then sign back in, selecting the class you will be working on at that time.