Lab Assignments

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Your textbook is Neue Horizonte 8th Edition.

GER 181 introduces the students to the fundamental of the German speaking world. Upon completion, students should be able demonstrate fundamentals of cultural awareness in regards to the German culture.  When registering for this class, students will also need to register for GER 111, Elementary German I. The EVA is mandatory for the German lab 181. It is available on Blackboard. The deadline for the EVA is the 10% date of the class.

Video Projects (50 points each = 200 points): There will be four video projects to submit during the course of this semester. You can earn up to 50 points for each video assignment. The first video project is due by the end of week 4 of this lab. The videos to watch and questions to answer are available in the Multimedia Language lab in LT 1144 at Central Campus. Please plan 2 – 4 hours for watching each video and writing your assignment. You will find the Language Lab hours posted on Blackboard. The lab is an open lab and facilitators will be present to assist you with your assignment. The assignment can be written in English and needs to be submitted as an attachment on this website. Each assignment needs to have a length of at least 600 words. If you miss any of these, you must have a valid, documented excuse. Valid excuses include hospitalization, automobile accident, and court appearance, death of a close relative or other serious mishap. The same applies for extensions of deadlines for other assignments. Documentation must be presented to the instructor via fax, as an email attachment or in person before permission can hand in the late assignment.

Discussion Boards (50 points each = 200 points): There will be four discussion boards assigned during the duration of this lab. For specifics and dates please refer to the Discussion Board link and the Timeline.

Attendance Quizzes (10 points each = 1600 points): There will be 16 attendance quizzes during the course of this semester. Each week only one quiz will be open and ready for you to take. The quiz work usually consists of readings to a certain topic or videos and a multiple-choice quiz. Each quiz contains 10 questions for one point each. You can take these quizzes three times and your highest grade will be counted towards your overall grade. Each of these quizzes counts as attendance for the particular week it is open (Monday 0:00am – Sunday 11:59pm). As the quizzes count as attendance for each week, a reopening of quizzes after the assigned week is not possible.

Important: You will earn a separate grade for GER 111 and for GER 181. You MUST score at least 70% in BOTH GER 111 (class)and 70% GER 181 (lab) to continue to the next level of German at CPCC.