Prepare for Montréal

Get Ready for Montréal!

French in Montréal Checklist
Lab Suggestions / Central Campus

Print out this checklist, and have the items marked off as you complete them.   Turn them into Donna Apgar for Extra Credit. 


Go to our CPCC French in Montreal Website– Go through this site thoroughly.   

Explore internet links…especially listening/speaking, Montréal tourism, culture  and Google Montreal and Quebec City.

Videos and DVDs:   
# French Deviants videos - great review and fun to watch.   
On the net!   

a) Go to map of Montreal and find UQAM, our school.  Find our Résidence.  


b) Find out how to get from our Residence to Vieux Montreal.  Look at a street map.


c) Go to a restaurant Link and find a few you might like to try. Check prices and proximity to UQAM.


d) What special events, festivals will be taking place during our stay? 


e) Can you rent a bike?  Where?  Are there bike trails and fun places to explore by bike?  

f.) How about museums and cinemas?   What else can you find to do!   
g.) We will have an excursion to Quebec City.
Why do we want to do that? 
h.) Do we have a good chance of seeing a big whale?