CPCC Course Information


Program Description

This course introduces the fundamental elements of the French language within a cultural context. Emphasis is placed on the development of basic listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills. Upon completion, students should be able to comprehend and respond with grammatical accuracy to spoken and written French and demonstrate cultural awareness.

This course, will include meetings with your CPCC instructor both prior to departure and in Montreal.

3 credit hours: Elementary French Lecture
1 credit hour: Lab
Register for FRE111-60 and LAB181-60, or FRE112-60 and LAB182-60
Co-requisite: Enrollment in University of Quebec, Montreal.

3 credit hours: Intermediate French Lecture
1 credit hours: Lab
Register for FRE211-60 and LAB281-60, or FRE212-60 and LAB282-60
Co-requisite: Enrollment in University of Quebec, Montreal.

If you have completed the above courses and/or wish to go for cultural enrichment and immersion experience, you can register for 3 credits "Cultural Immersion." You may also choose this option as an "Audit" if you do not want a grade or credits.

3 credit hours: Cultural Immersion
Register for: FRE161-01 (no Lab)
Co-requisite: Enrollment in University of Quebec, Montreal.

Course Objectives, Requirements, and Guidelines


  • This immersion course will provide a sound basis for learning French as it is spoken in a French-speaking country.
  • By the end of the course, students will have improved their spoken and written fluency.
  • Students will have gained an understanding of the francophone culture and every day life.
  • The host culture’s way of life, and interpersonal relationships observed and noted in journals.
  • Practice is provided in the skills of speaking, listening comprehension, reading and composition.



  • Registered with CPCC for all appropriate courses by May 31
  • Officially enrolled in the UQAM immersion program for July
  • Upfront travel and lodging arrangements prepaid
  • Consider additional International Travel Insurance
  • Obtain passport
  • Attend preparatory sessions with instructor
  • Selected Lab activities completed
  • Sign CPCC waiver forms & agreements, notarized as needed
  • Check Center for Disease Control Website for any advisories
  • Register trip with US State Department

    During Stay
  • Journal kept during extent of stay in foreign country. This is submitted weekly to the instructor. See journal guidelines link.
  • Regular daily attendance in classes at the immersion institute. Any absence must be pre-approved by the instructor. More than two absences could result in failing grade.
  • Follow Study Abroad agreements.
  • Fulfill homework assignments from immersion classes.
  • Participate in at least three cultural excursions planned by UQAM.  
  • Attend group get-togethers planned by CPCC instructor.
  • Take and pass final examination at UQAM.

    After Return
  • Reflective paper within one week of return. See link: Reflective paper
  • Complete an evaluation survey and submit to Study Abroad.
  • Send digital photos to Study Abroad for inclusion in website publicity or brochure.


  • This course will be offered as a Summer Session Course.
  • Students registered attend informational and preparatory sessions with the instructor.
  • This is an intensive language/culture class.
  • Students are given a placement test at IFALPES to insure placement in the most appropriate class.
  • Grades are based on the requirements/expectations stated above.
  • UQAM certificate will be received.