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Lab component
Your textbook is Chez Nous.

Access your assignments by going to Blackboard and searching for your FRE111, 112, or 211.

To register your exercises component, you have to create your account with your profile then enter your Access Code. Access your assignments by using the My French Lab’s website

Be sure to check out Language Lab DVDs and videos in French for supplementary practice and pleasure! Reference materials and French tutoring also available in the Language Lab. DVDs may be borrowed for a three-night period. Sign them out with a facilitator.

In FRE 181, 182, 281, students explore the French-speaking world to enrich their French learning experience. Students “travel” around the French-speaking world through Blackboard FRE 181, 182, 281.  They explore famous landmarks, people, places, language, customs, geography, and more. Cultural topics are presented through a combination of videos and text. Student comprehension of the material will be tested with a short quiz on each topic.

Entry for fully online courses will be determined by completion of the required EVA assignment entitled “CPCC EVA” found in Blackboard. Students who do not complete this on time may no longer continue the class and are advised to withdraw in order to avoid course failure. A STUDENT MUST HAVE A PASSING GRADE OF 70% IN BOTH FRE 111 AND FRE 181 TO CONTINUE TO FRE 112/182.

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