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Academic Reading and Writing Exercises

English Zone This site provides practice and immediate scoring in such areas as prepositions, spelling, reading comprehension, verbs, idioms, writing, and vocabulary.  It further includes a message board, references, study tips, and jokes. (must pay for many activities)

ESL Independent Study Lab Contains over 225 of the best Internet resources for ESL/ EFL students! All Web sites are clearly annotated. Organization is by skill area and language level.

Listening/ Literacy Net Authentic CNN news stories, archived by topic (Environment, Health, etc.) and title.

Berkeley Excellent online resources for ALL SKILLS (American Culture, English for Careers, Dictionaries, Grammar, Listening, Presentation Skills, Pronunciation, Reading, Speaking, Spelling, Vocabulary, Writing)

Selected Links for ESL Students!

Free English (need free membership)

Reading Exercises

Word Reference

English Language Root Prefix & Suffix