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EDVD 1 GRAMMAR FOR ALL: ENGLISH. Interactive testing, instant accessibility to key content areas, helpful resources such as grammar guides, sample sentences and an overview of Standard Edited American English (SEAE).
EDVD 2 The Standard Deviants: English Grammar PT.1
EDVD 3 The Standard Deviants: English Compositions.
EDVD 4 The Standard Deviants: English Punctuation PT.1
EDVD 5 Public Speaking: A fun way to learn public speaking skills. There are segments on organizing presentations, creating outlines, practicing, voice projection, audience control, and self confidence. Learn techniques for delivering high-impact presentations
without stress. 60min.
EDVD 6 Punctuation Power  This DVD explains rules for periods, semicolons, apostrophes, dashes, parentheses, and more. 26min.