Grammar II (EFL 082)

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Please print off and check the materials that you would like your students to use in the language lab.

We suggest that our students work on the following assignments/use the following resources:


  • _____ Grammar Dimensions, books 1& 2 (textbook, workbook)
  • _____ ESL Grammar Quiz Book
  • _____ Grammar Work 3: English Exercises in Context
  • _____ Rapid Review of English Grammar


  • _____ English Grammar Pro (for Spanish Speakers—Macs only)
  • _____ Grammar Fitness (for students who make native-speaker-like mistakes)

Standard Deviants DVDs

(requires good listening skills to understand explanations)

  • _____ Grammar for All: Learning English Grammar (DVD #42—explains the parts of speech)
  • _____ English Punctuation (DVD# --explains end marks, commas, semi-colons, and colons)