Listening-Speaking IV (EFL 064)

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Please print off and check the materials that you would like your students to use in the language lab.

I suggest that my students work on the following assignments/use the following resources:


  • _____ Mosaic Two: A Listening/Speaking Skills Book (book and tapes)
  • _____ Academic Mini-Lectures (book and tapes)
  • _____ Advanced Listening Comprehension (book and tapes)
  • _____ Functions of American English (book and tape)
  • _____ English on Campus: A Listening Sampler (book, tape)
  • _____ Overheard and Understood (book, tapes)
  • _____ Speaking Naturally (book, tapes)
  • _____ English Pronunciation Made Simple (book and 2 audio CDs...ask for the CDs in Lab)
  • _____ NorthStar Listening and Speaking High Intermediate (book and 2 audio CDs...ask for the CDs in Lab)


  • _____ Movies on DVDs and videos in English (see list in the resource book in the lab)

Pronunciation Materials

  • _____ Communication 111Class: International Phonetic Alphabet (EV #60-64)
  • _____ Pronouncing American English (book and tapes)


_____ Tarmac

_____ Eurotalk
_____ Pronunciation Power 1 & 2


    • Visit our website at:

    _____ Interaction 6th Edition

    _____ Listening/Speaking