Listening-Speaking II (EFL 062)

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Please print off and check the materials that you would like your students to use in the language lab.

We suggest that our students work on the following assignments/use the following resources:


_____ Interactions One: A Listening/Speaking Skills Book (book, CD, Tarmac)

_____ Whaddaya Say? (books, tapes, Tarmac)

_____ Everyday Dialogues in English (books, tapes)

_____ Exercises in English Conversation (books, tapes)

_____ Multicultural Workshop, book 1

_____ Side by Side (books and tapes)

_____ Speaking of Values (book and audio CD...ask for the audio CD in Lab)

_____ English Pronunciation Made Simple (book and 2 audio CDs...ask for the CDs in Lab)


_____  Tarmac

_____  Eurotalk

_____ English Pronunciation Guide(click on the Eng. Pron. LTS icon on the Mac)

_____ Learn to Speak English (CD)

_____ Listen! (CD)


_____ Crossroads Cafe (series)

_____ Connect with English (series)

_____ Movies on DVDs in English (see list in the resource book in lab)

_____ Interactions 1 (EV #114)

Pronunciation Materials

_____ How to Pronounce Consonants (video – EV #2)

_____ How t Pronounce Vowels (video – EV #3)

_____ English Pronunciation for Spanish Speakers (book and tapes)

_____ English Pronunciation Exercises for Japanese Students (book and tapes)

_____ Pronouncing American English (book and tapes)

_____ Whaddaya Say? (books, tapes, Tarmac)


_____ Interactions 6th Edition

_____ Listening/Speaking Sliver Edition

_____ Randall's Cyber Listening Lab