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Academic English as a Second Language/ English as a Foreign Language (EFL) Courses

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The Academic English as a Second Language/ English as a Foreign Language (EFL) Courses program prepares non-native speakers of English to function successfully in institutions of higher education and in professional settings in the United States. Coursework provides knowledge of and practice in academic reading, grammar, listening/speaking, composition and special topics. Among other skills, students learn to make presentations to groups, write a research paper, and take notes from classroom lectures. Attention is also paid to the student’s cultural awareness, particularly to that of the academic environment. Students receive non transferable academic credit for majority of classes.

Adult ESL is part of the College and Career Readiness Department.

The program seeks to serve internationals in the community who desire to learn English. The curriculum is flexible and reflects the needs of the students. Classes meet on the Central Campus and at other locations throughout the community. No academic credit for these courses.
COST Classes require tuition. Some classes are credit classes and (depending on residency status) students pay either in-state or out-of-state tuition. Financial aid pays for 30 credits. Classes require no tuition.
LEVELS The core program offers four skills at four levels; they are not the same as Free Adult ESL levels. Students may take one, two, three or four classes, and can be in different levels for different skills. In addition to the core program, a number of special topic classes are offered and have an academic approach, but still include practical skills in English. Students have usually finished high school. The program consists of various levels ranging from literacy - for those who do not read and write in their native language, to level 6 where students can prepare to enter Adult High School, the GED program, or curriculum classes. Each class offers reading, writing, listening, speaking and grammar according to its level.
SCHEDULE OF THE CLASSES Most morning classes meet 65 minutes per day, fours days/week. Additional sections of most classes are offered 2 or 3 days a week in the afternoons, and a regular rotation of classes are offered one or two times/week at night. Students are encouraged to use the language lab (LT1144 Central Campus) in addition to regular class attendance. There are Learning Resource Centers, or labs, at different campuses where students can access videos, computer materials and the internet to improve their English.
Some classes are available.
To find out exact scheduling, and to schedule a time to be tested for your level.
REGISTRATION Register at the Registration Center, Central High Building or on-line.
Registration takes place during the first week of the semester. Students are to bring their social security numbers if they have one. For more information contact the Adult ESL office in Education Center.
PLACEMENT TEST Students need to take Document #47 (Academic English as a Second Language/ English as a Foreign Language (EFL) placement Test). Students can obtain permission to take this test at Central Campus, Admissions Office (Maine Floor of Central High).  The test is administered at the Central Campus, Testing Center (Room CH248). The test takes two and a half hours and evaluates reading comprehension, grammar, writing ability, and listening. Scores are typically available within 2 business days. The CASAS test focuses on reading. Contact the Adult ESL office in Education Center Building for exact times and location. For more information contact the Adult ESL office in Education Center Building,